Deranged white supremacist & fascist leader Christopher Cantwell told a reporter in Charlottesville: “A lot more people are going to die before we’re done here.” Cantwell was one of the central leaders who organized the violent encounter against the removal of a Confederate monument.

Under Trump, the fascist right thinks it’s riding high & intend violence against those who oppose them, especially Black & Latino activists. It means we don’t take them on isolated or unprepared because we have a duty to protect this movement. We begin with demanding city & police officials take our security seriously & provide overwhelming force against the fascists. It means we organize & train marshals in the methods of protecting protesters. It means protesters refuse to engage in provocations of the fascists because their threats against us must be taken seriously.

We have nothing to fear about standing up against these fascists except–to coin a cliche–fear itself. These same dark forces were emboldened after the OJ Simpson verdict in 1995 but when one million Black activists showed up in Washington, DC for the Million Man March two weeks after the verdict, the fascists were driven back under their rocks.