Forces of evil have intervened to make it impossible for me to do anything on Facebook until I finish my long overdue article on Venezuela for Pakistan Today. And this is a good thing since the forces of Bolivarian baloney are on full mobilization to discredit Venezuelan working people for protesting neoliberal austerity, lack of democracy, & violent attacks on protesters as fascist. Exactly what the same political forces did in Syria & the Arab Spring uprisings & tried to do with protesters in Brazil & Hong Kong.

The political currents behind this are Stalinists–the same ones who defended the monstrosities of the USSR–& libertarians who think reptilian Jewish bankers rule the world & who are nascent fascist forces. Racism & sucking up to state power is their modus operandi. My article will be an attempt to expose them as the sniveling rightwing forces they are. And I make no bones about that because working people have a right to rise up en masse to settle scores with tyranny & inequality even when it calls itself the Bolivarian Revolution.