Zionism is the problem banner Aug 1 2017

Neturei Karta USA is an Orthodox Jewish group opposed to Zionism & long active in solidarity with Palestinians all over the world although they originated in Palestine before the establishment of Israel. They are well aware of their important role in refuting the belief promoted by Zionist organizations that anti-Zionism–that is opposition to a Jewish-only state–is a form of hating on Jews.

Many activists have been disoriented by demonizing Zionists & hating on Israelis; some of these have found their way into Assadist politics since venom toward anyone is a poor guide in politics. Political wisdom is trying to understand what it is about Zionist ideology that has a hold on so many without making a single concession to its malignancy as an elitist, supremacist alternative to joining with the international fight against racism & colonialism, & a strategy of taking the easy, rightwing way out by becoming colonizers rather than freedom fighters against the persecution of Jews.

Our deepest respect to NKUSA.

(Photo from a NYC rally)