A belated anti-obituary for Charlie Ruiter

Someone said my post about McCain was gloating over his terminal cancer. No it was not. I wouldn’t stoop that low to wish evil on anyone, even those I detest or those who imperil healthcare for working people. Except maybe in the case of Henry Kissinger. But I’m no sentimental fool & don’t care what happens to him in the afterlife.

Once before in my life, it happened that a union official got me fired for several months because I campaigned against his union busting compromises. I was escorted off the premises by armed guards & had no income, no help to get rehired from the union, & had to pay hefty for a private attorney to get my job back. The union official worked with the company to get me declared mentally ill so I would be forced on medications & would not be rehired. After I was rehired under threat of a lawsuit against both the union & company, he sabotaged the arbitration hearings, not allowing my witness to speak nor me to defend myself, so that I could not recover lost income. Then he had the effrontery to tell me he was given early retirement in return.

Within a few weeks after the arbitration he dropped dead. Many coworkers asked me what I thought about that. What should I have said? “Wah wah wah. Now that he’s croaked all is forgiven”? I haven’t got that level of dishonesty in me so I answered what I really felt: “I can’t make up my mind whether to dance or to piss on his grave.” Then I made a good act of contrition & any lingering guilt disappeared.