My Kashmiri friends are telling me my sarcasm is not always understood by those whose second language is English. I’m really sorry if that has led some to think they’ve found another western leftist who hates on Muslims. You face enough of that crap in the world.

In fact, as an antiwar activist, socialist, & feminist, I have been campaigning against Muslim-hating for several years. One of the polemical devices I use is ridicule. Sarcasm might even be built into my DNA since my father was notorious for it too.

If you think I am ridiculing Muslims or any working person, please read my post again in the spirit of a smart-aleck. It would be unthinkable of me to vilify Muslims. When my sarcasm is dead earnest is when it’s directed at politicians, war, Muslim-hating, Assadists, nationalists, propagandists.