Coleen Rowley, the lying-assed FBI agent who accused me of using a WMD, is an Assadist

Coleen Rowley, the FBI agent who in 2001 flagged my criminal record for using a WMD making it impossible for me to get most jobs, is now a libertarian member of the Hands Off Syria Coalition. She has been appearing on RT, The Real News, & other pro-Assad, pro-Putin media denouncing the demonization & false accusations against Russia.

In the conversation I had with her asking her help to get it removed from my criminal record, she said the FBI had gone astray & needed to be returned to its original noble purpose. Putting aside that it never had a noble purpose except in her pea brain, she is now blithering the “deep state” pulling a soft coup against Trump crap.

How credible do you think a 50-year veteran of the antiwar movement like myself finds someone like her? How did someone like her get respect from antiwar activists when she remains fundamentally right-wing?

And btw, she wouldn’t help me remove it from my record. So as legal counsel for the FBI in Minneapolis, she accused me of using a WMD though I was never accused, questioned, arrested, or even knew I was accused until I applied for work requiring a security clearance & was refused because it’s an FBI alert on my record.