Fox News began what will become a resounding rebuke from Clinton supporters: third party candidates stole the election & assured the Trump win. That’s called thinking within the box.

In a democracy, people have a right to run for political office. They have a right to reject an undemocratic electoral system offering only two conservative choices. They have a right to think otherwise than within the two-party death trap run by millionaires.

If you want limited choices, there are one-party countries called dictatorships where you can move. They’ll tell you what to think. Or else. But if you live in a democracy, you have to accept that not everyone sees things your way or just the two authorized ways.

If you want to blame third party candidates for the 2016 election returns, it’s only because you’re a sore loser. Get over it. Think of what it’s like for the majority of Americans who find both candidates & the third party candidates intolerable. Either you believe in democracy or you don’t. If you don’t, find a dictator & cry your heart out to him/her. We don’t want to hear it.