-my beloved brother.

I swear, if my tears would bring him back,
I would let all my tears out
I cried until this sun,
became darkness to my eyes

If I would request anything from this mortal world
I would request to divide my lifetime to two

I would give him half of my lifetime,
I would see him alive again
And tell him how precious he is to me,
and what is his rank in my heart

I would tell him that he lives
here till my last breathe
I would fight my sadness,
by recalling his memories, his
goodness, and defeat it

I feel the burn,
in every side of my heart
I try to act with pride,
but my soul surrendered to this pain

I wish this grave knows how
great is the man we just buried
How great was he when he was alive,
and how great is he when he is not with us.

-aabid ibn bashir

“Is it normal that the people we used to interact everyday haven’t been seen or heard for now over two months?”


–Rajiv Kumar

Eight-year-old Faizan Mir died on the spot from Indian shelling yesterday of the Neelum Valley, a region of Pakistan-controlled Azad Kashmir near the Line of Control. His parents two siblings & two cousins were among the 13 civilians wounded. May little Faizan Rest In Peace.

Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian forces from Kashmir.

Has a leading Kashmiri newspaper sold its principles to India’s so-called war on ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ in return for ad revenues? Or have its editors & their families been threatened?

The story of just one Kashmiri man subjected to torture in the Indian gulag. He is one of those who survived & did not end up in a mass grave.

#Watch Story of a man, who got badly tortured by Indian forces and lost his both legs.

Posted by Free Kashmir on Thursday, October 10, 2019

There are about 35 million Kurds divided between Iran, Iraq, Turkey & Syria in a region they call Kurdistan. At least 14 million Kurds live in Turkey (20% of Turkey’s population) subject to extreme repression. In its onslaught against Syrian Kurds, is Turkey entirely certain it can trust its rear guard? There are already Kurds protesting in Turkey with police using water cannons against them. May those Turks standing in solidarity against war only grow in numbers.

Activists from Azad Kashmir are in their fifth day of a sit-in protest at the Line of Control to #StandWithKashmir.

زنجیر ٹوٹنے کی آواز آ رہی ہے ۔۔

Posted by Nusrat Qureshi on Thursday, October 10, 2019

In their fascist raptures over the Turkish onslaught against Syrian Kurds, Assadists are dragging out stories & distorted histories of Kurdish collusion with Israel & Mossad. One hopes that human rights activists can distinguish between the betrayals of corrupt leadership & the just demands of an oppressed people. Just as we want the war & human rights crimes of the US, Indian, European, & other governments distinguished from their citizens who oppose them. It is important to understand history & misguided alliances. It is unwise to trust ‘history’ as presented by those who celebrate the slaughter of civilians by calling them terrorists.

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