Leftists flocked to study groups to unravel the gibberish of Slovaj Zizek who calls himself a Marxist philosopher. Then he began ranting quite lucidly against refugees in the most racist, Islamophobic, & xenophobic terms. He was preferable when he was incomprehensible or when he philosophically evaluated toilets.

Pepe Escobar is a journalist many leftists look to for analysis of politics in the Middle East & Latin America. His analyses are more libertarian or undisciplined impressionism though not without interest. Except when it comes to Islamophobia.

He posted an article titled “Nightmareā€¯ Mistake: Visa Free Travel For 80 Million Turks Coming Up” which deplored the “inane, self-serving” deal Angela Merkel made with Turkey on behalf of the EU which would give visa-free travel to “80 million Islamic Turks” in exchange for taking back refugees deported from Greece.

Escober posted the article with this caption: “Caliphate at the gates of Vienna, anyone? That’s sooooo old history. Every eurocrat I talked to went for “nightmare” & “seeds of our own destruction”.”

So the problem with the unsavory EU deal with Turkey, as Escobar sees it, is that “Islamic Turks” will be given visa-free travel & not that Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, & others will be deported to squalor & homelessness in Turkey? Perhaps he should elaborate the entire range of his views about refugees.

Escobar has the right to claim whatever he likes. Those who want to understand the complexities of politics might disdain Islamophobic commentators like Zizek & Escobar.

When I brought home the Pit Bull, just over a week ago, she had recently given birth & was disoriented & demoralized. She was so sweet & grateful but I had my reservations about the Pit breed so notorious, right or wrong, for unprovoked violence–especially because my little ones were afraid so would surround her & get in her face barking.

An animal rescue fellow paid for a vet for her & when I expressed my reservations to the doc, he gave me a tutorial about Pits. He & his technician both insisted of all the breeds, Pits were the sweetest & most loyal & that of all the bites they’d sustained in many years of practice, only a couple were from them. This was so assuring & I completely trusted it. The only caveat was that I left her outside while the birds were about because she went out of control to get at them. She was inside at night, outside all day.

Today was hectic for the dogs because two workmen were fixing the toilet–alternately breaking it, fixing it, breaking it again. They didn’t like the dogs who had to be kept outside or taken on errands in the car. The workmen would kick at the dogs & several got loose & had to be chased. Some chaos for all of us.

When all was settled after dinner, I began cleaning up their messes. I had my back turned when nearly 100-pound Millie the Pit attacked 8-pound Annie-Lucia. I’ve never seen anything like that determination to tear my little Annie to pieces. She nearly tore the kitchen apart attacking Annie as I tried to pull her off with all the others circling.

I did pull her off & got her outside but poor Millie has been barking for hours because she’s probably scared & wants to come back in but never again can since she can’t be trusted. Annie who was rigid in terror had to be held for hours & has an injured front leg & several bite marks.

Millie’s benefactor told me he would make several calls to find a suitable placement for her because she can’t stay here & we don’t want her sent to a kill shelter where dogs who have bitten are isolated for euthanizing.

At first, I thought I might be in danger but went on line & learned it’s common for Pits to attack other dogs in the family but don’t often attack humans in a ‘smell of blood’ kind of thing. Good to know but I still don’t want to tempt fate & be the first known case. Someone suggested I call animal control & have them cart Millie away. That’s like sending her to a gulag for dogs when in the right family she’ll be a wonderful companion. As an abandoned dog, her life has been hard enough already.