Zionist settlers invading Al-Aqsa compound to harass Palestinian worshippers

Zionist settler at Al Aqsa Oct 9 2017 (Pal Info Center)

Over 300 Israeli settlers entered the Al-Aqsa mosque compound this morning under the protection of Israeli forces. They taunted Palestinian worshippers by dancing, clapping, & singing. Last Thursday, 55 Israeli settlers toured the compound again protected by Israeli forces & attempted to perform prayers, a violation of the agreement between Israel & the Jordanian trust which governs Al-Aqsa because it is a Muslim holy site.

On Thursday, Israeli police also arrested a Palestinian security guard after he stepped in & objected to an Israeli woman soldier assaulting a Palestinian child entering the mosque. The guard was assaulted by Israeli police & border guards during his detention.

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(Photo is screen shot of dancing Israeli from video by Palestine Info Center)