When you think of Assad’s gulag, think Auschwitz; think the bowels of hell

I cannot bring myself to post images from Assad’s slaughterhouse: piles of bodies–naked, skeletal, bruised, lacerated, battered, burned. Think Auschwitz. Think the bowels of hell.

According to Amnesty, those they interviewed for their report on Saydnaya prison who were associated with the gulag (doctors, prison officials & guards, judges) said one of those signing off on torture for the regime was the Grand Mufti of Syria–the same guy the US Peace Council boasted about meeting last year to give a sacred aura to fawning over Assad. Vanessa Beeley called the Mufti a “genuinely compassionate & forgiving human being” but she’s paid to do rancid apologetics.

When Assad was asked in the interview with Michael Isikoff about the Mufti’s role & about hanging executions in his gulag, he defended the right of his regime to enforce the death penalty. Hanging, torturing, barrel bombs, chemical warfare, carpet bombing of unarmed civilians are all of a piece, & to Assad’s mind justified.

Not everyone who’s joined the Hands Off Syria Coalition are disreputable & politically corrupted beyond repair. There are those who have been misled & are insufficiently informed who would not want to go where that political current is leading you. I cannot urge you strongly enough to take a look at the images in this article about Assad’s holocaust & ask yourself if you can find sufficient justification in the apologetics peddled by the coalition of the damned.