Washburn High School video of Muslim girl whaling on kid who pulled her hijab foes viral, gets removed as fake news

Go ahead. Liberate her from her hijab. She’ll kick your ass.

The Minneapolis school district must have made the kids remove the video of a Muslim girl whaling on a kid who tugged on her hijab. The Minneapolis paper reported that after the video went viral on social media school officials contacted the families of the kids involved & learned it was a fake fight.

The paper asked if the kids faced discipline & the district spokesperson refused to say. Discipline for playing a prank on social media?

Now this would be an example of overkill in the interests of fighting fake news. Since when did a damn good high school prank become the subject of such moral outrage from a school board? Do kids now have to issue prank warnings or get clearance from the principal every time they post something on social media? Call it Bill of Rights purism if you like, but if Assadists can post their rubbish so should high school students be allowed to post their pranks.

Fake fight or not, that young girl was an inspiration to us all.