Vilifying Muslims & Kashmiris by misrepresenting assault videoed in Bangladesh

Fake news only has meaning in the context of fear-mongering & propaganda. If you learn how to vet sources & hunt down a story, even the lies can provide insights.

This is about nationalists & thugs circulating a video uploaded on April 2nd from Bangladesh which went viral. In the first two versions, it was described as Muslims killing a Hindu man in two different Indian states. In the third version, it is Kashmiri students killing a CRPF soldier.

Now it is claimed the video is an April 1st, 2017 incident in Bangladesh where unknown assailants killed one man & seriously injured another who were wanted for the murder of a Bangladeshi political figure.

In the interests of vetting sources, I don’t read the languages involved in the deception but there are millions who do & who have no vested interest in lying. That vetting can be done & should be before such scurrilous rubbish is circulated all over social media.
If nationalists thought they were on the side of justice they would have no need for dissembling & fabrication.

If you follow the links within this one, you will see how the story morphed into vilifying Muslims in India & Kashmiris: