Tulsi Gabbard goes to Syria to confirm her hatred of Muslims

Tulsi Gabbard went to Syria on a fact-finding tour & all we got was a lousy “I love Assad” tee-shirt. We never expected other from a notorious admirer of Modi, General Sisi, & Assad who thinks violent, extremist militias in Syria derive from Islamic theology.

She traveled in Syria accompanied by two members of the Syrian Social Nationalist party (SSNP) whose armed militias have been fighting side by side with the Syrian army against the popular revolution for nearly six years. It’s reported that SSNP militias take over security in many towns after Assad forces have expelled the rebels.

On her return, Gabbard reported that her tour & audience with Assad confirmed her Islamophobia: “Peaceful protests against the government that began in 2011 were quickly overtaken by Wahhabi jihadist groups like al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) who were funded & supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, the United States, & others. They exploited the peaceful protesters, occupied their communities, & killed & tortured Syrians who would not cooperate with them in their fight to overthrow the government.”

It’s a pity the erstwhile antiwar activists & socialists in the Hands Off Syria Coalition look to Muslim-hating Tulsi Gabbard to legitimize their political degeneration.