Trump alarmists & Chicken Little

Trump Apocalypse alarmists need be reminded of the parable of Chicken Little. Similar tales go back centuries in many cultures because prophecies of doom are such effective gimmicks for social control & also provide so much fodder for satirists & comedy clubs.

In the fable, Chicken Little is a dim-witted, low-paid white worker who once attended a Bernie Sanders rally. When an acorn falls on his head, he is convinced by Foxy Loxy, a manipulative conman with an MBA from the Wharton School, that the sky is falling.

Without advanced degrees to bring him to his senses, Chicken Little runs around like a chicken with his head cut off working the other animals in the farmyard into mass hysteria. Even though Foxy Loxy is a funny looking orange guy with a bleached comb-over, he manipulates the hysteria to his own benefit & gets the animals to vote him Grand Poo-Bah ruling over them with an iron paw.

There’s been no word heard from Chicken Little & his mates since Foxy Loxy took over but many scholars believe they will be found when North Korea is finally liberated by a coalition of Russian & US bombs.

But it’s just a parable.