The reactionary political character of libertarianism, the theoretics of fascism & ideology of Assadism

Some may think I overstate the reactionary political character of libertarianism which is the theoretics of fascism & ideology of Assadism. The confusion is that many of the adherents support immigration rights or oppose US military intervention or think good thoughts on other issues. That’s the nature of libertarianism & why it’s raked in so many activists. As I usually so indelicately but aptly describe it, they learn to talk out of both sides of their ass. David Icke & Ron Paul are the paragons of that style.

A few months back, there was a lowbrow discussion among Assadists who were having a conniption fit session about my politics & opposition to Assad, associating me with “jihadi head-choppers” in Syria & ridiculing my support for Kashmiris & Rohingya who they claimed were trained by & associated with the “jihadi head-choppers in the Middle East.”

When, under the reactionary banner of anti-Islamism, your politics justify ethnic cleansing, military occupation, denial of human, democratic, civil rights, crimes of unspeakable magnitude against millions of human beings, you can talk justice till the cows come home but in the vulgar parlance of the street, you’re blowing smoke out your ass.