The monumental political contributions of Muslims to social transformation

A Facebook friend claimed there are no Muslim-led progressive movements in the world, including anti-racism, women’s rights, environmental, pro-Palestinian, anti-Islamophobia, animal rights.
Although a Muslim, he said Muslims had stopped organizing “around good,” that the best they accomplished was charity, “putting a plaster on the injustice” rather than stop it at its root.

But what about the Arab uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, & reverberations in other countries like occupied Iraq? What about the intransigence of the Palestinian & Kashmiri struggles against insuperable odds & for so many decades completely isolated? Those are/were social revolutions that challenge the very foundations of power. What about the extremes of violence & repression used to destroy them? And still they rise. And still they resist.

Keeping in mind that even massive protests are not revolutions, is there anything comparable to the Arab Spring, Palestine, Kashmir anywhere else in the world? We only wish.