The misadventures of Sophie the psycho Schnauzer

That “nature red in tooth & claw” thing isn’t easy to reconcile to. You’d think domestic animals would get past that. My Schnauzer girl Sophie broke out of the yard again with Franky the three-legged Chihuahua. After two hours of searching, the gas man pointed them out under a neighbor’s house which was fenced in.

I did a break & enter job & grabbed Franky but Sophie was in the crawl space under the house attacking a litter of newborn puppies. She’s smart enough to go to college & moved deeper so I couldn’t get at her where she played with a baby that wasn’t more than the size of mouse. They play with their prey. It sickened me but the neighbors weren’t home so I could get her out of there nor could I get under there.

Now she’s back & I have a terrible reaction to her; I don’t want her in the house & don’t want her near me. I’d also like to talk to the neighbors about their puppies but am afraid they’ll call animal control on Sophie the psycho Schnauzer.

By tomorrow this too will pass. I had the same reaction when she killed my beloved little bird but you can’t blame a dog long for being what a dog is.