The Islamophobic politics of Robert Fisk, Patrick Cockburn, & John Pilger

It’s quite telling that Robert Fisk, Patrick Cockburn, & John Pilger, who all support the Assad dictatorship, chose this moment following incidents of terrorism in Europe to spew their rancid crap about the connections between Islam & terrorism. Just in case there might be some confusion on that score after nearly 17 years of war & hate mongering using Islamophobia & in case the denial of asylum to refugees because they might be ISIS didn’t make that accusation clear.

It’s one thing to speak uncomfortable truths. It’s quite another to compromise with war mongering not because harsh realities must be faced but because you want to stuff hatred down other people’s throats. The three of them are gaseous windbags but they aren’t stupid & know exactly what they are doing. So let us ourselves speak uncomfortable truths. Let us say openly that Fisk, Cockburn, & Pilger are leading the chorus of war mongers & haters associated with the counter-revolutionary Hands Off Syria Coalition & anyone who takes their word on things is a fool.