The Assadist school of falsification on the Iran protests

Given that Assad supporters are on a political continuum from reactionary stupid to fascist, it was certain they would come out slugging for the Iranian theocracy & claiming protesters are in their majority rightwing. It isn’t just that Assadist politics are always, in every instance on the side of state power (even in those states engaged in genocide & vigilante executions of the poor)–as in Syria, Venezuela, the Philippines, Burma–but that the Iran regime is paying a central military role in the counterrevolution in Syria, including with child soldiers, because it is terrified of revolution in Iran.

Those who follow Assad’s stable of fascist ideologues like Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, & Tim Anderson sarcastically predicted what their line would be on the Iranian protesters because their politics are simple-minded fascist politics. Even though their rationales for supporting Assad are rooted in Islamophobia & anti-Semitism, they put all their secular crap about Assad aside to support the theocracy in Iran because of its role in Syria & because they cannot break from groveling before state power.

This is how Usman A Khan Tahir brilliantly satirized what the Assadist line would be when the protests first erupted one week ago & this is exactly what the Beavis & Buttheads of the Assad dictatorship are promoting today. Usman is brilliant but they are also predictable like a broken record of anthems to state power (because that’s where the money is):

“To the Wahabbi/Zionist protesters in different cities of Iran: leave the regime alone. This CIA-backed attempt to disrupt Tehran will be defeated by the ‘Axis of Resistance’. #HandsOffIran #HandsOffKhamenei #HandsOff_IRGC”

Tango Graffiti predicted that Assadist publications Global Research, Moon of Alabama, & Mint Press would soon deluge us with articles pushing that line. Yup, they’re already hot off the press. It’s called the Assadist school of falsification.