The Assadist cry baby chorus: we’re being smeared for supporting Assad’s dictatorship

Ever since Rania Khalek made it fashionable to be a cry baby & whimper about persecution when she gets criticized for being an Assadist & supporter of Russian & Syrian bombing of civilians, a whole new crew of Assadists are making the unseemly whimpering a Greek chorus of “Wah-wah-wah, I’m being blacklisted & maligned. Ugly McCarthyism is doing me in for supporting Assad. I don’t really support him after all; he does bad things. I just vilify the revolution against him as all head-choppers.”

There is no blacklist, there is no new McCarthyism. That’s just ‘alas poor Khalek’ rubbish. There’s revulsion at the grotesque misrepresentation of revolution against dictatorship as a jihadi, head-chopping operation. It’s the kind of revulsion fascists & KKK creeps also get from human rights & antiwar activists.

If people don’t want to associate with Khalek, Blumenthal, Norton, & all the other creeps blithering about Wahhabism/Salafism & other things they don’t know a damn thing about, that’s life in politics when people morph from left to right, from antiwar & human rights to Assadist apologetics & pro bombing of civilians. That isn’t a blacklist. That’s a commitment to political integrity & to the power of social revolution against dictatorship. If Khalek & her Greek chorus of chumps & scoundrels & fools don’t get that, if they want to be popular again & get a lot of likes on FB, they should reconsider their descent into right-wing hell like other opportunists do. Otherwise just stfu & accept the consequences of alliance with David Duke & David Icke.