The Assadism of Robert Fisk & Patrick Cockburn

Getting flak for ridiculing the sorry-assed journalism of Robert Fisk & Patrick Cockburn on Syria who both express a deep cesspool of antipathy & ignorance about Muslims & Arabs.

A lot of people don’t see them that way, though their idiocies speak for themselves. For me the pièce de résistance of Fisk’s sarcasms was when he recently told a Canadian interviewer (not Eva Bartlett but a real journalist) that Muslim Arabs in the Middle East no longer believe in the nation-state; that nearly a million Syrian war refugees proved that by trying to forcibly cross the borders of Europe. How would defenders of Fisk characterize that? Don’t say senility because he’s been talking such rubbish for decades.

I never claimed to be an expert on Islam or Arabs. Hardly. What I understand is war-mongering, foolishness, political idiocies, social hatreds, & posturing blowhards. Political life is filled with them.