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“Whosoever buyeth Zionist propaganda has to have their head examined,” saith the Lord.

You don’t have to be a military strategist to know Israel isn’t dropping thousands of tonnage of bombs on cities, & invading with thousands of tanks & infantry just to take out a handful of Hamas rocket launchers. The Wall Street Journal, who it goes without saying, supports the genocide, said “Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza, accompanied by a heavy air bombardment, after sending out widespread warnings to Palestinian residents.” “After sending out widespread warnings to Palestinians”? By carrier pidgeon or bullhorn, since there is no functioning electricity in most of Gaza? And what were Palestinians supposed to do when they got the warnings? Hide in their homes which were being targeted as sniper nests? Or run to the streets where they would be open targets?

Media will not tell the truth because they all support this genocide. It isn’t a case of singing for their supper or sucking up to power. In many places, like the US, media is owned by those with a vested interest in Israel & Zionism. And we are not speaking of Jews but of capitalist corporations.

The only way truth can be told & heard is through massive public opposition to Israeli genocide & in support of Palestinian justice. There are hundreds of rallies scheduled all over the world demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza!” If you can not find a rally to join, call one. If you cannot join one, support the boycott of Israeli products (barcode beginning 729) & support the cultural boycott of Israel.

Palestinians huddle in terror after Israeli air strikes on their houses   while Israel continues to claim it is targeting the tunnels used by Palestinians to smuggle in foods & medicines banned by the Israeli blockade. Are Palestinians not only harboring rocket launchers but also tunnel entrances in their closets?

The sociopathology of Zionism

Sderot July 19 2014

And while Gazans grieve & have no place to run for cover, these Israelis continue to gather on hilltops to suck down sodas, chat with neighbors, & cheer as they watch their military carry out genocide.

This is the sociopathology of Zionism: a racist hatred so profound it can witness ethnic cleansing not just with equilibrium but elation. Those Israelis who stand against genocide are not on hilltops cheering; they are protesting & demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza!” Our deepest respect for those protesters.

Long live Palestinian intifada!

(Photo by Jim Hollander/EPA)

A moment to pay respects to those who have died in Gaza

Gazan funeral July 19 2014

We should take a moment to pay respects to those who have lost children & other beloved in the murderous siege of Gaza, which continues to target children. Here a woman holds the body of her 1-year-old daughter at her funeral in Rafah (July 18th).

“How will we return to life its splendor after the bodies of the young are stolen? He carries his body in his hands and needs no coffin. His hands have become a coffin for his child shrouded in white cloth. He walks with his head high and his tears flowing. But he is lucky that he is still alive to pay his child the last honors. Entire families were buried in their homes and no one remained to pay them these last honors. It is so simple. In this civilized world of international rights and conventions and the right to life and the right to housing and the right to education and the right of expression, these rights are not for Palestinians but for someone else.”

{By the Palestinian blogger, Hedaya Shamun, “I Do Not Wish For You To See Gaza As Anything But a Rose”}

(Photo by Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

Israel targets children in Gaza

Gaza beach murders July 18 2014

The Israeli bombing of four small Palestinian boys playing ball on a beach & the forced evacuation of a hospital in Gaza certainly distinguish this monstrous siege of Israeli ethnic cleansing; we can only hope they don’t continue to scale new heights of barbarism. And the only thing that can stop that inevitability is massive public opposition.

The photo of the little boys lying mangled in the sand is irrefutable indictment of Israeli war crimes & still the UN & Human Rights Watch (HRW) don’t see the problem & continue to shake the naughty finger at both sides, refusing to distinguish between ethnic cleansing & self-defense.

When asked about the bombing of the little boys, Mark Regev, the spokesman for Netan-psycho-yahu, said “War is a terrible thing.” Banalities are his stock in trade & hopefully don’t indict the entire education system of Australia, from whence he came–unlike the Palestinians they’re trying to destroy who go back generations in the region. He claimed Israel doesn’t target civilians, which is really hard to maintain with a straight face since Gaza has no military of any kind. He claimed Israel doesn’t target children, but who does he think lives in those homes they’re bombing & what about the little kids on the beach who weren’t even four feet tall or more than 60 pounds? In response to interrogation, this smug racist punk said Palestinians are using their kids as human shields. This kind of tripe & toilet-bowl mentality is where racism & Zionist ideology take you.

In his interview, Regev pointed to the endorsement of the Arab League for the cease fire scam Israel used to justify a more murderous escalation of the siege–as if that endorsement rendered it legitimate. Regev is of course not directing that to anyone who knows a damn thing about the Arab League but to those who know nothing. For heaven’s sake, Saudi Arabia has a seat in the League & they’re playing an active role in undermining all the Arab uprisings, most notably in Bahrain. Egypt is also a key member & it should not be forgotten is presently persecuting thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members, with which Hamas has political affinity. That political affinity may be regrettable but one can understand why Hamas would be extremely reluctant to accept their political initiatives with trust. Such trust would be arrant stupidity.

Many look to world governments & ask “Why aren’t they doing more to stop this massacre?” The answer is simple: the neoliberal predators are up to their eyeballs supporting it with loans, military weaponry, arms deals, & political proclamations denouncing Hamas terrorism. They’re not just invested financially in Israel but politically. They are enemies of justice, not allies.

So there is no one to turn to except men & women of good will who want to know the truth. Thousands of solidarity activists around the world are hitting the streets to demand “Stop the massacre in Gaza!” Massive public opposition telling the truth is Gaza’s best defense right now. People often think protests are ineffectual, that governments will do whatever the hell they want unrestrained by our actions. Tell that to the Vietnamese who recognized the power of public protest & held the international antiwar movement in highest regard.

{This is a photo of two of the young victims of Israeli bombing on the beach. Usually I think atrocity images demoralize more than inspire political activism. However, I make an exception with this photo because it indicts Israeli war crimes more powerfully than a mountain of condemnations. It’s another picture worth a thousand lies. The photo should be sent to the UN & HRW, not to goad their consciences–because they have none–but to indict them as collusive with genocide.}

May our little brothers Mohammed, Ahed, Zakaria, & Mohammed Bakr RIP. Our deepest condolences to their family for their loss & our heartfelt regret we are not yet strong enough to stay the hand of genocide.

Long live intifada!

(Photo by Tyler Hicks, a reporter from the NY Times who witnessed the murderous assault on July 16th & when interviewed acknowledged it would have been impossible for Israeli aircraft not to see it was just four small boys playing ball.)

Intifada: Palestinian resistance to ethnic cleansing

Gaza intifada July 18 2014

Most of us are overwhelmed with images & reports of unspeakable Israeli barbarity in Gaza & now phalanxes of tanks have entered Gaza supporting an infantry indoctrinated in Zionist ideology & racist hatred. It isn’t worse than US-NATO wars in Iraq & Afghanistan but it is considerably more concentrated & hell-bent on genocide.

We are overcome with grief & terror for the people of Gaza but we continue to organize public opposition in a growing & thunderous international chorus of “Stop the massacre in Gaza!”

This photo is a Palestinian woman sitting in the rubble of her home in Gaza City which was targeted by Israeli bombers under the ruse she harbored rocket launchers in her closet. But Israel isn’t afraid of those; they have the most sophisticated military apparatus in the world & can take most of them out in a trice. What they’re afraid of is intifada–Palestinian resistance to ethnic cleansing. It isn’t wishful thinking or projection that sees resistance & determination written all over this young boy’s face. In all that rubble & carnage, intifada only grows.

And so must our solidarity. The mission of Palestinian supporters is to remain steadfast & not buckle before the onslaught. We have “miles to go before we sleep.” Until the last Palestinian cries “uncle”, we stand with them because that is where justice stands & because staying the hand of genocide has the power to inspire millions around the world to defy power & fight for human freedom.

Reports continue of solidarity protests around the world: now the Maldives & new protests in Turkey, India, Ireland, the UK, Scotland, Cape Town, Durban, & Johannesburg, South Africa. In the US, rallies are slated in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, California, Minnesota, New York, Washington DC, Texas, & elsewhere: all demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza!”

If you cannot get to a rally, honoring the economic & cultural boycott of Israel is a powerful show of solidarity (barcode beginning 729).

Long live intifada!

(Photo by Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

The grief of ethnic cleansing and the strength of intifada

Gaza funeral in Rafah July 17 2014

There have for days been many photos of burials & grieving in Gaza–often multiple burials. The most wrenching have been of children being buried or weeping for family, neighbors, & playmates–or of parents wailing for the loss of children, like the family who lost four young sons yesterday, bombed while they played football on a Gaza beach.

There’s something about this man’s grief that is particularly powerful. He is holding the body of 4-year-old Sara Sheik el Eed at her funeral in a village outside Rafah. She was killed in a bomb strike along with her father & uncle. This mourner is among her relatives.

This is not just the face of Palestinian bereavement; it is the face of 66 years of ethnic cleansing & Israeli genocide. When Israel targets children–& the bombing of four small boys playing soccer on a Gaza beach is only the latest instance making crystal clear they target children (even a NY Times reporter acknowledged that)–it is to break the spirit of men & women like this who’ve been fighting intifada since 1948. Taking out the children is to destroy the younger generations of intifada. That’s why it’s called ethnic cleansing.

For most of those 66 years, Palestinians stood alone against one of the mightiest military apparatuses in the world. They’ve witnessed thousands die, thousands driven off their lands into exile or refugee camps, thousands carted off to the Israeli gulag, thousands of family & kin die under the tyranny of Israeli apartheid. And against all odds & very much alone, they stood steadfast.

Something is changing now–dramatically. And it is the thunderous sound of solidarity from every corner of this globe: from El Salvador, South Africa, India, Morocco, Algeria, Kashmir, Ireland, Italy, the UK, US, France, Norway, Scotland, Israel, Canada, Yemen, Spain. And we know that if these countries weren’t under siege, we would see massive solidarity in Egypt, Afghanistan, & elsewhere.

But Zionism has been riding high for 66 years, inspired by the schmaltz of Andy Williams singing “The Exodus Song”. It’s time to change the soundtrack to Roger Waters “We Shall Overcome (for Palestine)”.

All out in solidarity: Stop the massacre in Gaza!

The mantra of Palestinian solidarity and intifada: Stay Human!

Gazan boy and donkey July 17 2014

In even the worst of human tragedies, there are always moments when human beings reveal the stardust we are born from. This little guy with his baby donkey is at the UN school in Beit Lahiya (north Gaza) where his family took refuge after evacuating their home. Even in hell holes, humans can make magic.

It was the Italian reporter & passionate advocate for Palestinians, Vittorio Arrigoni (murdered in Gaza in 2011), who popularized the mantra “Stay Human” from a compilation of his reportage on Gaza. The reminder not to lose our humanity in the struggle against barbarism is a caveat that includes Palestinian supporters–that we never stoop to violence or vituperations that even come close to antisemitism. Jews & Judaism are not the problem; in fact, thousands of Jews sensitized to injustice through centuries of pogroms, were central to building the labor movement & other social justice movements in many countries. Zionism in league with neoliberal colonialism–implicating the US, European countries, & other nations like India–is the problem. If we become so desensitized that we turn venom on Jews, we render ourselves not just useless but impediments to the struggle for Palestinian justice & human freedom.

There are several photos of abandoned donkeys scouring for food in garbage since being abandoned by fleeing caretakers. Maybe they’ll survive the bombing; maybe they won’t. Israel has enough war crimes charged against it now (per international law & ignored by everyone except Palestinian supporters) to keep an army of human rights courts busy for a long time. But somewhere among the catalog of charges should be one about the reckless endangerment of animal welfare.

Reports are coming in of solidarity protests in Madrid, Firenze, London, Dublin, & elsewhere, with others scheduled in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Fresno. Grab a placard demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza” & head out. If you cannot participate, join the economic & cultural boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

A portrait of grief; a portrait of 66 years of Palestinian intifada

Palestinian woman July 17 2014

A portrait of grief; a portrait of 66 years of resistance & Palestinian intifada: this Palestinian woman fled her home close to the Israeli apartheid wall for refuge at the school in Gaza City opened by the UN to accept the thousands fleeing from Israeli bombing.

Photos of the school show it hasn’t a stick of furniture & no place for refugees to sleep. Instead they are on bare floors & the cement courtyard sleeping on what they managed to bring with them. (Remember that the next time the UN comes tugging on your heart strings for money.)

When you picket & rally in the coming days, keep this beautiful woman in your heart; she has a right to see peace before she dies & we have every obligation to render active solidarity against those who consider her an encumbrance to their racist, colonial project.

Stop the massacre in Gaza! Boycott Israeli goods.

(Photo by Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

The grief of Palestinian children and the strength of intifada

Gazan boy July 16 2014

The tarpaulin behind this little guy is hiding the rubble of a building destroyed by Israeli bombers. Part of the Israeli embargo of Gaza includes building materials of all kinds, including cement. So rebuilding hundreds, probably thousands, of homes, buildings, & infrastructure bombed by Israel is a monumental project.

But where do they go when Israel has taken out their homes? Media keeps reporting about an abandoned school house without a stick of furniture that the UN is using to house the displaced. All 15,000 plus of them? Let’s get real!

The most horrifying damage of course are those killed & injured–injuries that mangle small children & adults alike–& the psychic scars in survivors, especially children who have no where to cower from tonnage of explosives & see loved ones & neighbors die.

Elie Weisel, the holocaust survivor & Zionist ideologue, has made a career for himself describing the psychological horrors endured & he wrote “I swore never to be silent whenever & wherever human beings endure suffering & humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Oh so true! So why is Weisel mute on the genocide in Gaza? Was that just self-serving melodrama? Is he so corrupted by Zionist racism that he does not recognize the slaughter of Palestinians as genocide?

It’s hard to read the face of this little guy; his emotions must include horror, grief, terror–& resistance. It’s too much to ask the children of Gaza to stand alone when they should be playing soccer, flying kites, & singing silly songs. They make our protests all the more important. Weisel may be blowing smoke but he’s absolutely right: this is the time to take sides & join the international chorus demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza!”

(Photo by Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images)

Ethnic cleansing in Gaza

Gaza rubble July 16 2014

Once again, rubble tells the story media ignores. This woman in Rafah is standing in front of what’s left of her house destroyed by an Israeli bomb. You can see it’s a congested area with other houses right up close to hers & you can see they’re made of concrete. So when Israel bombs them under the pretext of taking out Hamas rocket launchers, concrete ceilings & walls collapse on the inhabitants, causing the most gruesome & debilitating injuries.

Israel thinks it’s being foxy with us when it reports they dropped leaflets to warn residents to flee. Consider the options: do Palestinians run into the streets for safety while Israel is bombing everything into smithereens? After Israeli politicians referred to their children as “little snakes” & urged genocide, would any Palestinian parent in their right mind read the leaflet, gather up their kids, & head for safety in the streets? Anybody who buys this genocidal rubbish has to have their head examined.

That Hamas rocket launcher alibi is being worked to death by Israel, by media, by every stinking proclamation coming out of the US Congress & other governments. It’s the essential weapon In Israel’s propaganda arsenal & still the evidence is only hearsay. We search fruitlessly for photographic documentation of rocket barrages from Gaza. And what we find wouldn’t hold water in small claims court. What we find is overwhelming documentation of Israeli human rights & war crimes against the people of Gaza–even though the UN & Human Rights Watch (HRW) won’t acknowledge it.

Of course, when the UN & HRW refuse to see egregious war crimes, that isn’t a case of cognitive dissonance; it’s a case of collusion. To render Ezekiel from the Old Testament apropos: “They have eyes to see but turn their heads & ears to hear but play stone-deaf, for they are an unconscionable people up to their eyeballs in this genocide.” Amen.

Protests in solidarity with Gaza continue around the world, with one in Paris, France today sponsored by dozens of labor unions, peace, veteran, farmers, student, women’s groups–a show of solidarity in a country that until recently arrested boycott (BDS) advocates & dragged them into court. There was a massive rally held in Cape Town, South Africa today & another in Baramulla district, Kashmir. And there is a national rally scheduled for Washington, DC this Sunday.

There’s no such thing as overkill when it comes to solidarity against genocide. Stand with the people of Gaza & if it’s not possible to join a rally, it is always powerful to join the economic boycott of all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729), support the cultural boycott of Israel, & demand “No military aid to Israel!”

(Photo by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters)