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Apocalypse Gaza

Beit Hanoun August 24 2014

This looks like a scene from the apocalypse but it’s Beit Hanoun, a city in northern Gaza taken on August 18th. The family with the horse & cart are fleeing–but of course, with no place to go. Gaza remains surrounded by an apartheid barrier. The UN assures us no war crimes were committed; Israel texted & phoned people a few minutes before they went berserk with the bombs.

There are photos now emerging of Palestinians sleeping on top of rubble, sitting despondent & forlorn because they have no place to live & there is no way in hell they can clean up the mess & rebuild while Gaza is still under Israeli blockade. The blockade makes sure they don’t even have sufficient food & medicines–& there are over 10,000 seriously injured people.

Sustained solidarity work must include rallies, educational activities, & above all, evangelizing for the economic boycott (BDS) of all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729). Many left groups shame themselves by opposition to BDS & even campaign against it claiming it hurts Israeli workers. They refuse to even build teach-ins which would show they stand on the wrong side of history & justice. They not only betray solidarity but expose the blithering idiocy of their politics & put the last nail in their own coffins. Good riddance to them.

One can stand with Israeli apartheid & ethnic cleansing or one can stand with Palestinian justice. There is no middle ground. Not even if you think you carry the mantle of Karl Marx. For that matter, if Marx knew the betrayals conducted in his name he would turn over in his grave so fast he’d become an important source of energy.

(Photo by Thomas Coex/AFP)

Operation Ethnic Cleansing continues

Gaza bombing August 23 2014

The very worst of this phase of Operation Ethnic Cleansing has abated in Gaza but it has not ended & bombing sorties continue to take down buildings. Several people have died. Meanwhile Israel is on a propaganda blitz to attempt to undo the damage done by its murderous over four week rampage.

This propaganda offensive is sucking on the dregs because it is so hard to counter the hundreds of gruesome images of Palestinian children tweeted around the world. The primary intent is to vilify Hamas which has its problems but is not one iota responsible for this rampage. Some of the reports in “respectable” media seem more like Onion or Mad Magazine pieces; other reports draw on the methods of the scurrilous & anti-Semitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” invented by czarist agents in Russia (in 1903) & which continue to feed social hatred against Jews.

One report is that a Hamas official admitted to the kidnapping of the three Zionist teens in the West Bank. Patent & provable nonsense. Another punk Palestinian who claims he’s the son of a Hamas founder is being interviewed all over the place, pretending he’s got the goods on Hamas crimes. Problem is the guy is disturbed & a traitor who worked within Palestinian politics as an undercover agent for Israel. Fox News & The Times of Israel report that a secret letter smuggled from a Palestinian within Gaza claims Hamas used forced labor to build the tunnels & then killed them all so they couldn’t identify the location of the tunnels. One video purportedly shows a Muslim child teaching how to “behead the infidel” per the Quran. Reports are also attempting to identify Hamas with ISIS in Iraq & Syria. This kind of rubbish is pouring out everywhere to sow confusion & discord. But the bombing in Gaza & the deaths of hundreds of men, women, & children in the most barbaric ways speak louder than dozens of crazy-assed lies.

Schools are opening up in just days & it’s the best time to plan educational events because many people of good want to understand what the media tries so damn hard to make inscrutable. Rallies need to continue & we need to beat the drums loudly for the boycott (BDS) of all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729)

These young men–of the “Hamas age”, so Israel considers them outside the parameters of ethnic cleansing–are trying to douse a fire after an Israeli airstrike today.

(Photo by Adel Hana/AP)

Salute to Hedy Epstein

Hedy Epstein August 19 2014

Can we just take a moment to salute Hedy Epstein, the 90-year-old holocaust survivor & long-time activist for Palestinian justice who was arrested yesterday in St. Louis, Missouri, at a protest against deploying the National Guard in Ferguson (a suburb of St. Louis)?

Epstein, who currently lives in St. Louis, has a long history of political activism going back to the 1930s, including antiwar & women’s rights. She plays an active & prominent role in Palestinian solidarity. She said at her arrest, “I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. I didn’t think I would have to do it when I was 90. We need to stand up today so that people won’t have to do this when they’re 90.”

Hedy Epstein is everything you want to be when you’re 90: tough, inspired, & still fighting for social transformation without bending an inch to cynicism, demoralization, or the lame excuse that you’re too damn old.

Hats off to you Hedy!

(Photo from Huntington Post)

More evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza: are you listening Ban Ki-moon?

Gaza boy with Israeli bullets August 19 2014

No this is not a Hamas fighter but he a Palestinian teenager in Gaza. Media (including the NY Times) did an analysis of the death count in the latest phase of Operation Ethnic Cleansing to counter the gruesome image of so many children riddled with shrapnel & dismembered by bombs. They concluded with a smug, amoral sense of righteousness that teens–the Hamas age–were the greatest number killed. And rabid Zionists around the world heaved with vindication–not that infants had been spared, but that so many teens had died.

Israel, the US, European leaders, & that creepy Ban Ki-moon claim all the deaths were regrettable & “collateral” (a psychotic military concept invented by a US stink tank for Iraq) & entirely the political fault of Hamas. They’re beating that alibi to death to make a racist lie & vilification a cliché that becomes history.

But evidence of war crimes from Gaza testify otherwise. This young boy wraps his head with a bandolier of spent bullets left by the Israeli army near his family’s bombed out home in Beit Hanoun. Beit Hanoun is not far across the apartheid wall from the hills of Sderot, Israel, where residents made an international spectacle of their psychoses by cheering on ethnic cleansing from lawn chairs. Did the most sophisticated, high-tech military in the world use bullets to destroy those alleged cement tunnels? Or were they more likely used for “collateral” destruction–like this young boy?

Stand with Palestinians, as they stand with justice in Ferguson. Don’t let history & justice pass you by. Keep rallying to demand Israel cease the bombing & end the blockade of Gaza; & evangelize for the economic boycott of all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by Hatem Moussa/AP)

Gazan diaspora

Humans of NY; Palestinian boy August 17 2014

From “Humans of New York” album”:

“He lived with his mother in Gaza when he was very young. One night, I talked to him on the phone before bedtime, and he told me he was wearing three pairs of pants to bed. I said: ‘Three pairs of pants? Why aren’t you in your pajamas?’ He told me: ‘Because I want my body to hold together if a bomb falls on me.’”

This boy, no older than 9 or 10-years-old now, indicted Israel for several war & human rights crimes in a few simple words without need for UN or Human Rights Watch investigations & without the legalese & sophistry that lets Israel go scot-free after every phase of Operation Ethnic Cleansing.

(Petra, Jordan)

Exodus to nowhere in Gaza

Exodus in Gaza August 16 2014

Israel has temporarily abated Operation Ethnic Cleansing but solidarity activitists cannot be deceived, nor our protests ended. As long as the Israeli blockade prevails, Gaza will be unable to get equipment to remove the mountains of cement, will be unable to rebuild, thousands will be homeless with no place to live or go the toilet, will have insufficient food, no medicines or medical equipment to address life-threatening injuries reportedly sustained by over 10,000 people–& no rest from continued bombing sorties.

Media coverage of the Israeli rampage is like dispatches from a parallel universe. The US Pentagon always waited a respectable amount of time (at least a couple months each time) before they shifted explanations for the US-NATO war in Afghanistan, later echoed in media. Israel is more impetuous in their deceits. Reuters now reports: “Israel launched its Gaza offensive on July 8 in response to a surge of rocket attacks by Gaza’s dominant Hamas Islamists.” This is the first we’ve heard of those rockets in July. Wasn’t the stated reason on July 8th that the assault was retaliation for the Hamas kidnapping of three Zionist kids in the West Bank? A kidnapping we (& Israel) always knew Hamas did not commit?

Israel needs the specter of “Hamas terrorism” to maintain apartheid & conduct ethnic cleansing. If Hamas did not exit, Israel would have to invent it as a foil for their barbarism. On the slight chance the unity agreement signed in April between the Palestinian Authority (PA) led by traitor Mahmoud Abbas & Hamas worked out, Israel launched a bombing assault on northern Gaza–a little over two months before Operation Protective Edge–& there were no Hamas rockets even alleged. Netan-psycho threatened Abbas: “Does he want peace with Hamas or peace with Israel? You can have one but not the other.” To make Abbas’s choice for him & to maintain the specter of Hamas terrorism, Israel used whatever artifice it could to prevent Palestinian unity.

The crisis of leadership plagues social movements around the world. It has stature as the greatest political dilemma of our era–& has been for a very long time. We see it played out in every political venue from the labor movement to social justice movements to the great struggles for self-determination like in Palestine–& Ferguson. The political weaknesses of Hamas or the PA are not reason to truncate support for the just demands of the Palestinian people. We render them solidarity & trust them to resolve their own leadership problems.

Gruesome images that continue to circulate remind us of the horrors Gaza just endured & we witnessed. It’s a reminder not to retreat from solidarity now that the worst of bombing has abated. The bombing will not cease & the blockade will not end without our continued active solidarity.

This little girl waits in a minibus as her family prepares to leave their neighborhood in Gaza City where the homes are now rubble.

Continue marching, continue educating; build the hell out of the economic boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729). As schools open up this fall (though church halls are just as good a place), it’s an ideal time for speak-outs, forums, teach-ins as part of evangelizing for justice.

(Photo by Siegfried Modola/Reuters)

The future of a free Palestine

Palestinian children August 15 2014

Do you think a word of commentary is necessary–or is our elation for the surviving children of Gaza quite enough? Did we just go through hell over their fate only to see the little rascals playing games where they could break their necks?

These little ones are playing in the courtyard of a school the UN uses as a refugee center in Gaza City. They’ve been through hell & it’s only just begun but with the immense international solidarity movement now standing with them, they will grow to be the future of a free Palestine.

(Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

The mass psychology of ethnic cleansing

Israeli psychosis August 15 2014

Evidence mounts of mass psychosis in Israel, which is the full flowering of Zionist supremacist & colonial ideology. Zionists used to boast they made the desert bloom in Palestine. But bloom with what? Racism & social hatred so profound the society is disintegrating & rotting from cultural dry rot?

This sicko was photographed in a Jerusalem pub Wednesday morning. It’s unconfirmed that he is an Israeli army reservist. Most US combat veterans come home with psychosis, addiction, & other mental health problems; thousands commit suicide over guilt & grief at what they saw & did. Juicing it up in the morning might mean this guy has a shred of humanity left but when you flaunt ethnic cleansing on your shirt & drown your sorrows in a pint while psycho politicians praise you for your crimes, chances are there isn’t much left–& what is left isn’t worth the bother.

Keep marching for Palestine & evangelize for the economic boycott of all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by AP)

Al fresco living in Gaza

Gaza; al fresco living August 13 2014

Gaza is forever in our hearts & minds as Palestinians come out from cover, still in shock & mourning, to assess the damage & figure out what to do next. There is trauma; there is resilience & there is the incredible human capacity to make the best of a bad situation.

These two young guys, one with an arm bandaged up to his armpit, are preparing for a stretch of al fresco living—-probably stunned they’re still alive. Israeli apologists for genocide in Gaza try to deflect attention from the number of small children killed by citing death demographics proving young men of this age–the ‘Hamas age’–were the greatest number killed, as if that makes genocide all okay.

We’re glad these young men survived & we don’t give a rat’s ass if they belong to Hamas or any other group. Our fullest solidarity with them. We love that in the midst of rubble, they continue to fly the Palestinian flag, a symbol of their resistance to apartheid & genocide & their commitment to a future Palestine.

Keep rallying to demand “Stop the slaughter in Gaza”, “End the blockade of Gaza” & keep evangelizing for the economic boycott of all Israeli goods (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)