Syrian & Russian bombing of hospitals in Aleppo: a study in Assadist propaganda

Russian state-owned media are publishing statements from the Russian Defense Ministry claiming White Helmet rescue workers are fabricating accusations that Syrian bombers (& likely Russian bombers & missiles) are targeting hospitals & schools in Aleppo.

In fact, several news sources, including Médecins Sans Frontières/MSF on the ground in Syria, are reporting it. Al Jazeera has this footage of a hospital being bombed while the reporter was present.

It’s not clear where those who support Assad’s dictatorship & Syrian & Russian bombing get their information. Libertarian politics don’t require much investigation when paranoia & prejudice serve so well. Some from the socialist tradition don’t bother studying the war in Syria when they think quotes from Lenin on colonialism sum it all up. Some Assad supporters even consider themselves savants who magically intuit vibrations from the universe to guide their politics. But be assured, some are directly in league with the Assad regime.

Supporters of Assad actually pioneered the fake news approach to media & only sanction reading “alternative” news sites like state-owned Russian & Iranian media, several blogs written by themselves, Global Research, & the discredited Mint Press News. Their tedious mantra is that reading mainstream media is anathema & will only fill your head with lies.

Ardent Assad supporter Eva Bartlett has even drawn up a list of human rights “front groups” whose reports they consider completely untrustworthy: Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières/MSF, Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), & of course, the White Helmets.

Those uncertain about who & what to believe about Syria should read all the websites authorized by pro-Assad group-think. You will be horrified at the Islamophobia, paranoia, deceits, crazy-pants stuff that passes for analysis.

This is footage from last Saturday of a hospital in Aleppo being bombed.