Syrian Girl draws link between US presidents golfing & nuclear war

My intelligence goes up every time I delete a common friend with Syrian Girl, Coleen Rowley’s new BFF. If Eva Bartlett is Assad’s Ann Coulter, Vanessa Beeley his Leni Riefenstahl, & Rania Khalek is now singing for her supper, Syrian Girl is like a propaganda train wreck you just can’t take your eyes off of & yet she has thousands of followers on social media.

This is her new video titled “Trump is Hiding in a Nuclear Bunker” where she claims he is not playing golf at Mar-a-Lago as media reports but is staying close to the nuclear bunker there to get shuttled down “while maintaining an outward appearance of calm to fool the gullible masses into complacency.”

The link Syrian Girl has discovered between presidents pretending they’re golfing & starting nuclear war is a breakthrough in investigative journalism & nothing to sniff at just because this halfwit is the one who unearthed it. Whenever it’s reported Trump is golfing at Mar-a-Lago, remember to head for your own bunker or bend over & kiss your ass goodbye.

PS: It is truly regrettable that women have chosen to waste whatever talents they have on war mongering & defense of violent dictatorship, but when they do, there is no need to patronize them. If they dish out lies, they have to expect getting a sharp rebuttal.