Suu Kyi’s human rights awards getting pulled

Mohammed Rafique (Tom Farrell:Dublin Inquirer) Oct 5 2017

There are several initiatives to get countries, cities & organizations to pull their humanitarian awards to Suu Kyi. She has a mountain of the damn things. In & of themselves, these honorifics don’t amount to much but for several years those phony human rights laudations drowned out the voices of the Rohingya people denouncing genocide against them. These initiatives aren’t some schadenfreude gloating thing, as know-nothings claim. They’re part of exposing the genocidal military junta which Suu Kyi sits in council with & which is hiding behind her elegant skirts. Right along with these initiatives to pull the human rights awards we need initiatives to demand our governments pull their investments, renew sanctions against Burma, provide asylum with full rights to Rohingya, & provide immediate emergency humanitarian aid to refugees.

Photo is Mohammed Rafique, a Rohingya refugee since 1991, who lived as “a virtual prisoner” in a Bangladeshi refugee camp until acquiring asylum in Ireland. He’s part of the campaign to get Dublin to pull their award from Suu Kyi.

(Photo by Tom Farrell/Dublin Inquirer via The Stateless, an Irish Rohingya solidarity group)