Stuff your objections of my moochocracy updates

Betty & Phil May 6 2017

Every update of mine about the British moochocracy puts me within 6-degrees of separation from the killjoys. Monarchists berate me, even call me bad names & try to lay me waste by calling me old. Years of groveling have apparently taken a toll on their offensive skills. There are 5-year-olds with a better repertoire than “you’re a nasty old lady bitch.”

Then there are those socialists who think my updates frivolous, a shameful waste of time when capitalism is in crisis & there are bigger fish to fry. Here I’m thinking it’s my small part against feudalism & they think it isn’t hammer & sickle enough. To them I can only say, here & now I denounce the bourgeoisie. Now go away & write those long-winded tracts no one reads & let me have a go at feudalism my way.

Then there are those who think sarcasm disrespectful. So? Is there a problem with that? Do you see any compelling reason to respect an institution based on groveling? Other than US media shares your penchant for the curtsey & that “your royal highness” crap? But then again, who said it was sarcasm? I meant every word of it.