Struggles against neoliberal economics by Indigenous tribes of Brazil

You need not speak the language of these Brazilian Indigenous people to grasp their message of opposition to neoliberal predations & expropriations of their communal lands for multinational agribusiness & mining enterprises, & hydroelectric power projects, much of it carried out during the regime of Dilma Rousseff.

This is true of Indigenous tribes on every continent & archipelago, of which Standing Rock in the Dakotas USA is a part. They have been alone for decades facing extreme military violence & assassination of leaders & activists in defense of their rights & the environment. Urban slums are populated by those who have lost their battles. It is the people Philippine president Duterte is singling out with death squads.

This is a tribute to the political struggle of the Guarani and other tribes in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America who have paid in blood for human rights and the environment in the barbaric phase of capitalism.