Sputnik News exposes its Islamophobia against Rohingya Muslims persecuted in Jammu


Sputnik News, wholly owned by the Russian government, is one of the most frequently cited & shared media sources by Assad & Putin supporters. Its articles are a constant on the Hands Off Syria Coalition social media circuits. Professional Assad propagandists like Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Tim Anderson write regularly for it as does fellow traveler Pepe Escobar who sings for his supper for most Russian media.

You don’t have to be the most perspicacious person in the world to spot Islamophobia as fundamental to Assadist ideology. It reeks of that hate mongering which comes straight out of the US Pentagon war propaganda office & is the heart of rightwing libertarian politics. Why so many don’t recognize that has to do with internalizing US war mongering until people who consider themselves progressive now spout Wahhabi/Salafi & head-chopper rubbish against the Syrian revolution like it was the gospel truth.

In researching the persecution of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Jammu, I came across this article in Sputnik News titled “Resentment Grows Against Rohingya Refugees in Jammu.” It was written in late December 2016 as the xenophobic, rightwing Hindu nationalist campaign was looking like the prelude to pogroms against Rohingya refugees.

The article cited Bhim Singh, founder & leader of the rightwing nationalist Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) “in an exclusive interview” where he called refugee asylum for Rohingya in Jammu “a big conspiracy” of the state government & expressed alarm about the presence of Rohingya. Sputnik also pointed out that Indian security agencies consider Rohingya a security threat since Jammu is close to the Pakistan border.

There is no expression of concern for the safety or human rights of Rohingya refugees. Only a repetition of Indian rightwing nationalist propaganda against them. It has been noted in discussions about Rohingya refugees among Assad supporters, including at the height of the last genocidal siege in Arakan state, Myanmar, that many attempt to associate Rohingya with “jihadi head-choppers in the Middle East.”

The article is posted here despite the toxic miasma it emits in the hopes that ignorant or reluctant Assadists will pull their heads out of their asses to confront the Islamophobia of Assadist ideology & decisively reject it to stand with Rohingya Muslims, with the Syrian revolution, & with Muslims wherever they are persecuted for their religious beliefs.