Saudi so-called reform is a palace coup not heralding democracy

Let’s hazard a guess about the political reform in Saudi Arabia which is really a palace coup, not a fundamental revolution heralding democracy. The ousted princes were “imprisoned” in a five-star hotel, not the Saudi gulag & they will not face execution by beheading. The Saudi monarchy works bomb to bomb with the US to maintain tyranny in the Middle East–as we see in its nearly 3-year bombing campaign in Yemen, intended to crush every remnant of the 2011 Arab Spring uprising. It is involved in funding & arming terrorist militias in Syria, Afghanistan, & elsewhere. Trump’s visit was to solidify & extend that relationship not for purposes of peace in the Middle East but to destroy every movement for democracy.

We’re supposed to get excited because women can drive now? What about all the other rights Saudi women demand? What about allowing all Saudi citizens & immigrant workers democratic rights? What about the Yemeni women who played a leading role in the 2011 uprising who are now targets of Saudi bombs?
Every time the Saudi regime beheads dissidents there is an international chorus of outrage about its relationship with the US.

The so-called reforms are a cosmetic makeover to make US & European alliance with Saudi Arabia look good. Like putting lipstick on a serial killer.