Rohingya Testimony: No need to hide our faces by Shafiur Rahman

Rohingya Testimony

Today Guatemalan human rights activists commemorate National Day of Dignity for the Victims of Armed Internal Conflict to honor the victims of the Guatemalan civil war, 1960-1996. Military violence against the Mayan people was genocidal, involving torture, forced disappearance, mass rape, massacres, mass graves, razing villages & crops, displacing entire communities. Over 100,000 Mayan women were raped & thousands subjected to sexual slavery.
Mayan women rape victims & human rights activists campaigned for 30 years to bring the general who led the genocide to justice. When Efrain Rios Montt was put on trial in 2013, those women came in large numbers to participate & testified to the crimes he orchestrated.

Mayan & Kashmiri women & human rights activists are forging a new political approach to addressing military sexual violence, taking it out of the realm of victimology & rejecting any notion that shame adheres to the victims any more than being disappeared or executed or tortured in other ways.

Now Rohingya women, subjected to the same horrors by the Myanmar military, take their place with Mayan & Kashmiri activists in exposing & denouncing the crimes committed against them. This documentary was just released today: “Rohingya Testimony: No reason to hide our faces.”

Rohingya Testimony: No need to hide our faces (video):