Rohingya refugees persecuted in Malaysia

Rohingya friends have asked me to write about Rohingya in Malaysian prisons–a story of monumental criminality. It’s worse than treating refugees like animals because the Malaysian regime is attempting to portray itself as a champion of Rohingya when it is ruthless in its treatment of them. It turned away boats of Rohingya in May 2015, leaving them to certain death; it deported hundreds back to Myanmar; it has tried to associate Rohingya with “jihadi terrorists” in Syria & Iraq; it imprisons refugees in deplorable conditions. The story is very important & must be told.

In researching it, I went back to review my own posts about Rohingya in Malaysia because although the Malaysian government treats them monstrously, Malaysian citizens distinguished themselves for their humanity & rushed to help Rohingya when they were allowed entry in 2015. It remains to be investigated if the government is attempting to whip up sentiment against them now to justify imprisonment, deportation, persecution, discrimination.

In reviewing my posts, I came across another Mary Scully who has posted about Rohingya refugees & Malaysia from a rightwing point of view. If anyone comes across her rubbish, please do not confuse her with me. I deplore her opinions & her shoddy scholarship that allows her to lie through her teeth.