Rohingya refugees cannot be forcibly repatriated to genocide in Burma

Ro refugees (thegobetweengoat) Nov 12 2017

Different sources are reporting the number of Rohingya refugees since August 25th differently. Some report just over 600,000, some 800,000, others 900,000 & some just round it up to 1 million. Truth of the matter is that no one knows for sure since the numbers are so overwhelming. That means the majority of Rohingya who have lived in Arakan state for centuries have now been driven into exile by genocide.

There is not yet a reliable assessment of how many Rohingya were executed, imprisoned, or confined to concentration camps but there are thousands who remain in Arakan state. So we must continue to demand Burma end the genocide by withdrawing all its troops & dismantling all its bases & demand our own governments take action by imposing & enforcing economic & military sanctions on Burma.

There’s no point playing into the scam about forcibly repatriating Rohingya refugees back to Burma. What Rohingya refugees want is what guides our political actions. We have to vigorously campaign for asylum rights in our own countries with travel papers, safe transportation, & full rights to work, education, healthcare, social services. The Rohingya refugee crisis is part of the international crisis of refugees denied asylum from war, occupation, genocide, plunder. Commitment to them will strengthen all campaigns for refugee rights for the millions of people around the world forced to flee for their survival.

(Photo of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh by thegobetweengoat on Instagram)