Rick Perry on Dancing With The Stars: the halfwit with two left feet

Love dancing but over the years “Dancing With The Stars” has become too dull to watch. Still I had to watch Rick Perry (rightwing former governor of Texas & two time candidate for president) debut his wooden-ass on the dance floor. I have a real mean-streak when it comes to politicians like him.

He said he was thrilled to perform so he could dance at his daughter’s upcoming wedding. After his regrettable performance, resembling not so much dance as a scare crow flailing its straw limbs in a cyclone, the daughter might want to call off the wedding or at least bow out of the father-daughter dance.

What is a guy like that good for? He stinks at politics, he can’t dance & it’s likely he’s never done an honest days work in his life. The only dancer worse was Ryan Lochte, the lying-assed Olympian swimmer who went on a drunken vandalism spree in Rio & claimed he was robbed at gunpoint.