Reuters coverage of Rohingya genocide a journalistic disgrace

Little Ro girl in Cox's Bazar (Cathal McNaughton:Reuters) Sept 25 2017

Reuters coverage of the Rohingya genocide can only be called a journalistic disgrace. It doesn’t address the issue of genocide or nearly 500,000 refugees but repeatedly focuses on ARSA insurgents, claiming the ‘troubles’ were set off when ARSA attacked 30 police posts & an army camp. They do cite a US official who said the government response was “disproportionate.” Now, without batting an eyelash in shame, Reuters reports that “Muslim insurgents” killed 45 Hindus & dumped them in mass graves & that the Burmese army is looking for more such graves. Their authority for these claims? The Burmese government carrying out the genocide. What kind of journalism is that which plays ventriloquist dummy to the genocidaires?

Reuters may not be able to get reporters into Arakan state but they can get reporters into the refugee camps in Bangladesh to interview people or they can talk to Rohingya representatives who actually know what’s going on. They’ve chosen to play stupid for the junta.
Stand with the Rohingya people against such journalistic lies & treachery.

(Photo of little Rohingya refugee giving more compelling testimony than the junta by Cathal McNaughton/Reuters)