Resistance in Kashmir has remarkably not abated in over four months of military siege

Kashmir (Nov 16 2016

Resistance in Kashmir has remarkably not abated since July 8th when a young Kashmiri was executed by the Indian army. We are not allowed to say his name or show his photo on FB without being suspended but his funeral, so large it was in rotating shifts, was attended by 600,000 people, .

Most shops, fuel stations & other businesses are still shut down in Srinagar & in other districts of the Valley due to the protest strike called by the alliance of pro-independence organizations. Protests & sit-ins continue.

Next Saturday & Sunday, leaders have called for two days of rest to recoup political & psychic energy after 133 days of protests, arrests, night time home invasions,118 deaths, thousands of injuries, disabilities, disfigurements from pellet munitions.

The Indian government intends to wear down the resistance with violence. How many decades more will it take before India gets the message that surrender to colonialism isn’t going to happen.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo of recent Kashmir protest)