Ratio of security forces to Palestinians in the West Bank

Trying to figure out the ratio of security forces in the West Bank to the population of Palestinians. The number of Israeli soldiers is confidential but I found one estimate of 7,800 & don’t know if that includes undercover, the border police, etc. Estimates of Palestinian Authority security forces which serve as an auxiliary to the Israeli army go from 40,000 to over 80,000.

All that for a Palestinian population of 2,700,000 (per 2016 CIA World Factbook) in an area 2,270 square miles. Not being a statistician & calculating very conservatively, that would be a ratio of about one security officer to every 40 Palestinians.

There are also 386,000 settlers but let’s not kid ourselves that they are being over-policed. Most are armed & serve as the thug brigade to the army.

That’s a scary situation for Palestinians to handle just with rocks.