Rania Khalek & Ben Norton: useful idiots for Assad. Mostly corrupt idiots.


Loath as I am to post part two of this interview with the deranged Rania Khalek & the smarmy social climber Ben Norton, it serves as an indictment of their political defense of Assad’s regime. One has to hear their stinking cynicism & casual even giggling contempt for human lives in Syria to fully grasp the depths of their corruption, ignorance, dishonesty, & above all their banality. Khalek called Khan Sheikhoun “an insignificant village” but it was home to men, women, & children mercilessly gassed to death.

Khalek & Norton claim the gassing of Khan Sheikhoun was staged, seconding paid propagandists Beeley, Bartlett, & Anderson, & Assad himself who called it “a 100% fabrication.” Assad said “We don’t know whether those dead children were killed in Khan Sheikhoun. Were they dead at all?”

Khalek & Norton impugn the photos of the grieving man holding his infant twins before burying them with 23 other members of his family. They impugn the White Helmets & other civilian rescue workers rushing to help sarin victims without Hazcom equipment in a war zone where they also lack food, medicines, medical supplies. The White Helmets rushed to help anguished children heedless of their own safety & Khalek & Norton think that is evidence of staging.

Khalek & Norton refer to themselves as progressives, even socialists. That they may be. But regrettably of the national socialist or deranged kind.