Protest in NY/NJ region against caste oppression

Of all the abominations in the world, the notion that some human beings are born inferior & some superior, that those deemed inferior are born to be despised & abused by others, has to be one of the most loathsome ever spawned by class society.

Finally, in this protest in the NY/NJ region, the struggle against caste oppression & degradation is becoming an international one. It follows a national tour last year of Dalit women explaining to uninformed Americans what we can do to help destroy the monstrous system of caste.

Participating in this protest & rally would be an honor & I urge all who can to drop everything to attend or to do everything they can to publicize & build it.

It’s a beautiful world we live in; every child is born with every opportunity & grace as their due. Make it your duty & honor to attend this rally to be part of making that historic mission a glorious reality.Ā¬if_id=1470827102413251