Political affinities of Assadists. white supremacists, & Islamophobes

It isn’t exaggerating one iota to say the posts about Syria by white supremacist David Duke, notorious Muslim & Arab-haters Pamela Geller & Tulsi Gabbard are indistinguishable from those of Assad supporters.

It’s all there: accusing Muslims of using children as suicide bombers; vilifying the White Helmets; claims that opposition to Assad is all “head-chopping jihadists.”; a preoccupation with fake news; adulation of Putin & Assad; that peculiar defense of Russia as if NATO troops were massing on its borders.

David Duke does make clear that it is Russia under Putin that he admires; not when it was run by “blood-thirsty Jewish Bolsheviks who raped & slaughtered Christians wholesale.”

We leave it to Assadists to draw their own conclusions or as usual put a progressive spin on the affinities.