People who love people more likely to change the world–or at least make a contribution

Over the years on Facebook, i’ve had a few posts get well over a thousand likes & hundreds of shares, mostly by people who aren’t FB friends. The subjects of the posts say something about what inspires us, what matters to us & it ain’t hating on the human race:

One was about thousands of Bangladeshi sweatshop workers striking against dangerous conditions of labor after several factory fires; one which got over 2,000 likes was on the pink-robed Gulabi Gang, a group of Indian women who take aggressive action against domestic abuse & violence against women; one was a tribute to the actor Alan Rickman (when he died) for his support to Palestinians & his dramatic work “My Name is Rachel Corrie”; & now the post about C├ędric Herrou, the French farmer who runs the underground railroad for African refugees.

If you ask me, those who look for things to like & admire in others are the ones most likely to change the world. They don’t like others getting a raw deal. They want us to love one another. Damn fools. Hating gets you nowhere fast & you get old-people maladies before your time.