Pellet injuries to eyes in Kashmir

Pellet injuries to eyes (Greater Kashmir)

According to doctors at two hospitals in Kashmir, 664 people have suffered pellet injuries in one or both eyes during the past 54 days of the military siege in Kashmir. That is 12 eye injuries per day.

The injuries range from facial disfigurement to ruptured retinae, severed optic nerves, hemorrhages, & partial or complete blindness. According to the doctors treating them, most of the injured are teenagers & many are also small children.

The NY Times reported on this monstrous crime not because they give a rat’s ass about human rights in Kashmir–anymore than they do about human rights crimes against Palestinian youth–but because they need to counter the exposure of the Indian occupation of Kashmir. It may be a signal to India to temper its violence in order not to jeopardize the US military alliance with India brokered by Obama.

End the occupation. Self-determination for Kashmir.

(Photo montage of injured from Greater Kashmir)