John Kerry putting on his mad face


The headlines read “US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry.” Is Obama outraged at Israeli ethnic cleansing in Gaza? At Israel using illegal anti-personnel weapons like DIME shrapnel & flechette shells, including on small children? At bombing refugee centers & playgrounds full of kids? No! Obama’s outraged because Israeli media commentators are criticizing Kerry for his diplomatic maneuverings on behalf of the US. After all, the US is bankrolling this war & those commentators have a a lot of gall to bite the hand that feeds them.

That Kerry is a screw-up comes as no surprise; the guy’s so privileged he probably never had to wipe his own ass & likely doesn’t know shite from shinola. The US government has a lot invested in Israel, billions banking on Zionism’s colonial project, & they have no intention of letting Netan-psycho-yahu’s genocidal hatred of Palestinians & military excesses undo 66 years of systematic propagandizing to protect US economic & political interests in the Middle East.

The Exodus narrative, complete with Andy Williams crooning the soundtrack, is in a shambles. Only the most psychopathic Zionists & their supporters can look with equanimity & not horror on the bombing of children. When people around the world watch the horrors of Israeli ethnic cleansing & see reports of the hundreds of thousands out protesting, they will understand something in the Exodus narrative stinks to high heavens.

This is Kerry putting on his mad face (not easy for a guy shot up with Botox) but what concerns him is that Israeli reporters claim he’s too accommodating with Hamas. He’s gonna move that evil eye in our direction when he hears the thunderous chorus of Palestinian supporters around the world denounce him & the whole of the Israeli & US governments as war criminals.

Long live Palestinian intifada! Take it international with protesting, boycotting, and continuing to stand with Gaza.

(Photo of Kerry from the appropriately named Yahoo)

The children of Gaza are bringing Israel down

Gaza- crying boy July 28 2014

The children of Gaza are bringing Israel down. It isn’t that Israel went too far this time in bombing homes & schools & targeting children; that’s always been it’s policy. Zionist military strategists call it “mowing the lawn”–which explains the constant bombing over Gaza punctuated by several-day murderous sieges–all part of Operation Ethnic Cleansing. But this time Israel got caught for all the world to see. They can pay punks & professional psychos to fill the internet with hasbara lies & they have mainstream media covering their asses–since the role of media has always been to peddle propaganda to support war. But they can’t control social media or stop the gruesome images of death & sorrow in Gaza from going round the world.

Last week, Israel bombed a school in Beit Hanoun which the UN was using to shelter Palestinians bombed out of their homes. Israel did not deny the attack but only repeated that Hamas used schools for storing & launching rockets. While leaders of Israel are high on the smell of jet fuel & genocide & blinded by political support from the US & Europe, Zionist media of the most right-wing & even crackpot sort must have understood the tsunami of revulsion that bombing small children would evoke. They understood they would need to counter videos & photos from horrified reporters showing small children with massive shrapnel injuries from DIME weapons & flechette shells used by Israel.

It says everything you need to know about Netan-psycho-yahu & Israeli leaders that crackpot Zionists knew enough to lie & appear the voice of reason by claiming Israel did not bomb the school. Rather, they reported, a misfired Hamas rocket hit the school & maybe an errant Israeli shell from ground fighting in the area. But how does that explain the shrapnel wounds? There’s no need for contention here; any forensic investigation of the school & shrapnel injuries that killed 16 Palestinians & critically injured others would quickly show the source of those weapons. And they would have Israel & “Made in the USA” all over them.

But The Washington Post, indistinguishable now from the public relations department of the Israeli military, reports Israel denies bombing the school & “released a grainy, 26-second aerial video” proving it. Well that’s about as convincing as those evil fairies flying in from outer space that play such a role in media reports of ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Media tries to hedge truth in hundreds of photos of utter devastation in Gaza by captioning ‘medics, or police, or witnesses in Gaza’ claimed the carnage was caused by Israeli airstrikes. Who the hell do they think they’re fooling!?

This distraught little boy is waiting in the emergency room at a hospital after being injured when Israel bombed the UN shelter. The death warrant of Zionism is signed by the tears of this small boy & the shrapnel that killed & injured so many others. Zionism can bend over & kiss its hasbara goodbye.

(Photo by Carolyn Cole/LA Times)

“Traumatized” Israelis head for the malls and beaches

Tel Aviv July 28 2014

After three weeks of bombardment by Hamas rockets–for which there is still not a shred of evidence–traumatized Israelis head out to malls, restaurants, beaches to assess the damage. Those sitting on the hills of Sderot to get a front row seat to ethnic cleansing took time to change their clothes & thank the gods of Zionism for being on their side.

Meanwhile, Palestinians combed through tonnage of cement rubble to recover the bodies of beloved buried when Israel took out the whole neighborhood with bombs. They had only twelve hours before Israel started bombing again, goaded on by the psychos of Zion urging Netan-psycho-yahu to take all of Gaza out.

The vile piece of journalistic crap called The Jerusalem Post had a headline: “Into the fray: Why Gaza must go” where they chided leaders of Israel for “moralistic masochism” & temerity in the conduct of ethnic cleansing in Gaza. But world leaders express fear that this time Israel has gone too far. It isn’t slaughter that gives them pause (any more than it does in Afghanistan or Iraq) but the hundreds of thousands of people around the world from small towns to major cities who now know the truth & who continue to protest demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza!”

Zionism is signing it’s own death warrant. The voices of Palestinian resistance are finally being heard: Free free Palestine! From the river to the sea Palestine will be free!

Long live intifada! Take it international by continuing to protest, boycotting all Israeli & settlement products, & supporting the cultural boycott of Israel.

(Photo of Tel Aviv beach on July 27th by Nir Kafri)

Between Israel and Palestine you can’t have it both ways

Gaza political art July 27 2014

Liberal Zionists (those who want to believe a Jewish-only state has some relationship to democracy) & who support the murderous assault on Gaza keep wanting to change the subject to Syria & they chide us: ‘If you’re so concerned about justice, what about Syria? Why no opposition to Assad’s regime? Palestine is small potatoes.” So why does Palestine matter? Why have hundreds of thousands around the world risen up in thunderous defense of Gaza? Because for 66 years they stood alone & undaunted against two of the mightiest military arsenals in the world & never reconciled themselves to apartheid or expropriation. They are not just a symbol of defiance against tyranny. A victory for Palestine would cut the Gordian Knot of colonialism in the Middle East & release the energies of revolution against tyranny of every kind around the world. Long live Palestinian intifada! Take it international! Palestine will be free. (Political art from the Peanut box)

No this is not damage from a Hamas rocket in Israel; this is Gaza City

Gaza City rubble July 26 2014

You wouldn’t think even the inventive minds of hasbara agents could hedge on this one, would you? This is the landscape of the Shuja’iyya residential neighborhood in Gaza City that Israel blasted into smithereens this week ostensibly to take out tunnels & rocket launchers. Of course nobody with half a brain & an ounce of decency buys that. There are dozens & dozens of these kind of scenes all over Gaza but captions still hedge with comments like, the area “was reportedly heavily damaged by shelling & airstrikes.” You think!?

The UN is cooking up another investigation for after the carnage ends to cover Israel’s ass for war crimes while Amnesty International claims the jury is still out on war crimes. God knows where Human Right Watch stands on this. They’re probably vacationing in the Bahamas so they don’t have to bear witness. They all belong to the “see no evil, hear no evil” crowd. Perhaps if they go up to the hills of Sderot they can take a front row seat along with all the other psychos & try to gather data from there.

Support the Palestinians: grab a placard & join a rally, boycott their products, & support the cultural boycott of Israel

(Photo by Oliver Weiken/EPA)

Sometimes the simple things tell the truth

Gaza saving parakeets July 26 2014

Sometimes the simplest things are the most telling. The psycho-state of Israel has ceased fire for a 12-hour period & Israelis watching ethnic cleansing from the hills of Sderot can take a bathroom break now or check to see if dinner’s ready or catch up on the sports page.

Palestinians are returning to mountains of cement rubble to retrieve what they can from demolished homes.These young men in Beit Hanoun (the town where Israel bombed the hospital & refugee center yesterday) are trying to save the family birds who they found still alive. Not exactly the image of terrorists are they? But then who knew this stage of Operation Ethnic Cleansing would bring the truth all home for all the world to see?

Those who have eyes & see not & who have ears & hear not can stuff their cognitive dissonance. Playing stupid doesn’t cut it any more.

Support the economic boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729); support the cultural boycott, & join the hundreds of thousands around the world demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza!”

(Photo by Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

We need a war crimes tribunal for Israeli crimes in Gaza

Gaza boy with balloon July 26 2014

This poignant photo is widely circulated on social media as if it were from Israel’s current murderous assault on Gaza but it was taken during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead assault in 2009. The original caption identified this as the rubble of the little boy’s house in Jabalia, northern Gaza.

Israel has really never stopped bombing Gaza since it removed Zionist settlers in 2005 under prime minister Ariel Sharon’s “unilateral disengagement” plan touted in media as a peace initiative, but as we know now, was intended to facilitate ethnic cleansing & avoid harm to Zionist settlers.

The continuous bombing of Gaza has been punctuated by several-day operations including Operation Cast Lead in December 2008 & January 2009 (22 days) & Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012 (8 days) & now Operation Protective Edge which continues after 18 days. All of which combine to make Operation Ethnic Cleansing. After the 2009 massacre, a UN commission was formed to investigate war crimes, headed by Judge Richard J. Goldstone, a South African judge & chief prosecutor of the UN criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia & Rwanda.

The commission report published in September 2009 was an important exposure & indictment of Israeli war crimes but it was an equivocal document also indicting Hamas self-defense as war crimes. It could be said “equivocal” is not damning enough of such diplomatic deceit & false even-handedness. Israeli politicians including president Shimon Peres & Netan-psycho-yahu went ballistic denouncing the exposure of Israeli war crimes. People are still trying to figure out where Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority stood on the report because he had his head stuck so far up Israel’s “you-know-what” that no one has ever been able to discern–not unlike his conduct today.

Predictably, the US government damned the report as biased against Israel & for letting Hamas off easy & the political halfwits in the US Congress played their usual role by passing resolutions of condemnation. As we know from the November 2012 & current Israeli assaults on Gaza, nothing practical came out of the Goldstone report.

Unfortunately Goldstone turned out to be a cowardly man who couldn’t take the criticism & perhaps the loss of prestige in awards & honoraria that come with turning your back on Israeli war crimes. In 2011, he repudiated the commission findings & said Israel did not in fact intentionally target “civilians” in Gaza as a matter of policy. The other principal authors of the report exhibited more backbone & stood by the original condemnations of Israel for war crimes. Ah well, just another day at the UN, where equivocations & deceits are the diplomatic norm.

There are calls for another UN commission to investigate war crimes in Gaza on both sides: the side of genocide & the side of self-defense. Been there, done that! There needs to be a truly independent commission to investigate charges of human rights crimes & one of the first things they’ll need to demand is iron-proof documentation of property damage in Israel from those alleged barrages of Hamas rockets. We’ll need to see documentation of those alleged 31 cement Hamas tunnels from Gaza into Israel. And of course, we’ll need to see proof positive that those tunnel entrances were under hospitals, mosques, schools, & homes in Gaza to justify Israel bombing them into smithereens. We’ll need to see proof that ambulances harbored rocket launchers & that medics recovering bodies & rescuing wounded were really Hamas “military operatives” which justified Israel bombing them.

The world already has overwhelming documentation of Israeli war crimes in Gaza; most of us can’t stomach any more gruesome evidence. Their defense for targeting children & using weapons like flechette shells & Dime shrapnel is already being played out in world media accompanied by a chorus of braying jackasses from governments–in which Canada, the UK, & US distinguish themselves. That defense comes complete with the evil fairies from outer space reversing Hamas rockets to protect Israel. But of course in an independent inquiry those evil fairies won’t hold much sway so they better come up with something much more convincing than farce.

All out in defense of Gaza, demanding “Stop the massacre in Gaza!” Support the economic boycott of Israel (barcode beginning 729) & support the cultural boycott of Israel.

Long live Palestinian intifada! Take it international!

(Ashraf Amra is the actual photojournalist who took this photo for APA Images; that is misidentified in current captions.)

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