More evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza: are you listening Ban Ki-moon?

Gaza boy with Israeli bullets August 19 2014

No this is not a Hamas fighter but he a Palestinian teenager in Gaza. Media (including the NY Times) did an analysis of the death count in the latest phase of Operation Ethnic Cleansing to counter the gruesome image of so many children riddled with shrapnel & dismembered by bombs. They concluded with a smug, amoral sense of righteousness that teens–the Hamas age–were the greatest number killed. And rabid Zionists around the world heaved with vindication–not that infants had been spared, but that so many teens had died.

Israel, the US, European leaders, & that creepy Ban Ki-moon claim all the deaths were regrettable & “collateral” (a psychotic military concept invented by a US stink tank for Iraq) & entirely the political fault of Hamas. They’re beating that alibi to death to make a racist lie & vilification a cliché that becomes history.

But evidence of war crimes from Gaza testify otherwise. This young boy wraps his head with a bandolier of spent bullets left by the Israeli army near his family’s bombed out home in Beit Hanoun. Beit Hanoun is not far across the apartheid wall from the hills of Sderot, Israel, where residents made an international spectacle of their psychoses by cheering on ethnic cleansing from lawn chairs. Did the most sophisticated, high-tech military in the world use bullets to destroy those alleged cement tunnels? Or were they more likely used for “collateral” destruction–like this young boy?

Stand with Palestinians, as they stand with justice in Ferguson. Don’t let history & justice pass you by. Keep rallying to demand Israel cease the bombing & end the blockade of Gaza; & evangelize for the economic boycott of all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729).

(Photo by Hatem Moussa/AP)

Talking truth to power without groveling

Ferguson; taking on the man in charge August 18 2014

Protesters are taking on Capt. Ronald Johnson (in blue uniform), the state trooper who took over police operations in Ferguson. He’s the guy doing the “mea culpa” thing at church services while the National Guard terrorizes the Black community with military occupation & extreme violence.

You can see here the fearlessness & insolence that tyranny hates so much in young people. Does anyone else see disrespect written all over those young men’s faces? You can also see here why Palestinians identify with Ferguson; they’re made of the same tough stuff. Most of all, you can see solidarity isn’t just posturing & well-wishes but a bone-deep affinity–not just in spirit of defiance & demand for justice, but because they stand in opposition to the very same forces of oppression. From Ferguson to Gaza, to Afghanistan & Iraq, to the Central American immigrants coming over the US-Mexico border, there is a common enemy. Oppression thy name is USA. And when you see things that way, that nexus of solidarity goes much deeper & far wider, involving us all.

Don’t let history pass you by. This is the historic moment when Gaza & Ferguson put “an injury to one is an injury to all” back in center place in social transformation.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Obama preaches from the Book of Zionism

Obama on Ferguson August 18 2014

As for Obama on Ferguson? He sounds just as abstract as the Pope on Gaza & the West Bank. According to Obama, “It’s clear that the vast majority of people are peacefully protesting. It’s also clear a small minority of individuals are not.” Not to be outdone by his own banality, he added, Violence “undermines, rather than advances, justice,” & “We must listen, & not just shout. Let’s seek to heal rather than wound each other.”

What a lovely homiletic; stirs the paltry soul–but the protesters are standing up to systematic violence against the Black community, against the summary execution of one of their kids, to overturn the martial law & curfew that denies them their democratic rights to assemble & protest under the Bill of Rights.

Nice try, Prez, but you’re pulling a trick from the Book of Zionist Operation Ethnic Cleansing, Chapter 7: Verse 4: “The word of the Herzl came unto me, saying, I won’t shed a tear for ye or show any pity. Instead, I’ll turn my murderous weapons against ye & my detestable practices will all be blamed on ye who dare to defy tyranny. No media will asketh questions for they have their snouts up my butt & all human rights violations will all be blamed on looters. Amen, sayeth the Prez.”

(Photo of the Prez from Yahoo)

Don’t shoot, Black men & women are people too!

For those who came of age in the 1960s & 1970s, it’s almost unimaginable the tsunamic power of the Civil Rights & Black Power movements could come to this in 2014: “Don’t shoot; Black men are people too!” But racist subordination is so fundamental to modern capitalism it cannot function without it so they worked tirelessly to co-opt civil rights activists into the power structure (particularly of the Democratic Party) & to destroy, even murder, Black activists like Malcolm X whose souls were not for sale. That’s why political activists like Mumia Abu-Jamal & thousands of Black teens are sitting in jail cells for crimes they did not commit.

Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, & hundreds of other Black teens will not have died in vain. To name only a few: Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, Nicholas Heyward, Jr., Greg Chavis, John Crawford, Sean Bell, Kimani Gray, Shantel Davis, Anthony Baez, Walwyn Jackson, Ernest Duenez, Jr., Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., Noel Polanco, DJ Henry. The call for justice in their names will be emblazoned on the banners of the new civil rights & Black power movement.

The crisis of leadership affects all movements for social change. There is probably no more bought off & mortgaged leadership than that of the trade unions in almost every country. Compromisers wheel & deal themselves into position to more effectively betray the cause of human freedom from tyranny & get a good salary & pension in the bargain. There is almost no instance where the Democratic Party is not in there handing out grants, honorifics that mean nothing, & a chance to meet the US president someday. Big deal! For those with a healthy conscience & a measure of self-respect, it’s not enough reward for a Mephistophelean bad deal.

If you want to know where the necessary Black leadership is coming from, check out the Ferguson protesters & the dozens of solidarity rallies around the country. That leadership will be young, male & female, tough as nails & not open to compromising–the stuff Malcolm X was made of. It’s coming. Can you feel it coming? Can you feel another tsunami gathering strength?


Police deny Bill of Rights to Black community

Ferguson tear gas victim August 18 2014

So while (Reverend, my ass!) Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are over at the church leading the police department in prayer, the Missouri National Guard is out in the streets taking care of business against thousands of unarmed, peaceful protesters demanding an end to police violence & their democratic rights under the US Bill of Rights–like the right to assemble & protest.

This woman is being treated (with milk) for tear gas damage she suffered. The National Guardsmen know one tear gas canister is worth a thousand “praise the lords” if you want to maintain racist tyranny.

(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

From Gaza to Ferguson, “an injury to one is an injury to all”

Ferguson protester August 18 2014 (Scott Olson:Getty Images)

If life were even reasonably fair, Ferguson police & Missouri officials would go down not only as violent racists but among America’s dumbest criminals. Lawyers prep their lying clients to present a coherent alibi when they hit the courts. The Ferguson police department improvised a story about the murder of Michael Brown nobody could make head or tail of & presented it to media. It took a few days for media to chase down the young guy walking with Brown to hear his version which disagrees with the cop version & has somehow gotten lost in the revisions offered by police officials. They finally hit on the version (& obvious lie) where Brown was a suspect in a convenience store robbery but admit the cop who murdered Brown didn’t know that. There’s a simple rule to follow in life: a story that doesn’t add up is usually baloney. A kid can tell his teacher “the dog ate my homework” but when you murder an unarmed young man (known to everyone as a good kid) that kind of idiocy doesn’t cut it.

What we’re seeing now played out in Ferguson is the dog & pony show of the US war against the Black community & its kids. First they removed the white police chief & replaced him with the Black state trooper. The white cop was undeniably stupid but that isn’t why he was replaced. The trooper came on with the apologies & the commiserations; he had cops marching for justice against police brutality, photographed hugging other protesters, & solemnly bowing their heads at the prayer services for Michael Brown. It’s called street theater & it’s intended to mollify national outrage at a brutal execution.

As for using a Black cop against the Black community, that’s a device as old as the violent colonialization of the Americas & the extermination of native peoples. The US Army hired “Indian scouts” to pursue fleeing tribes & established Indian police forces on reservations. It’s still neoliberal colonial policy & the plundering war in DR Congo is the most ruthless instance of such treachery–where foreign mining companies hire militias among the Congolese to cover for their plunder.

The Democratic Party, whose primary function is to control popular unrest, hustled in Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, the DP apparatchiki they thought most able to pull the wool over people’s eyes. If they get their way, the massive uprising against police violence will be contained in prayer meetings & drowned out by “praise the lords” when a Black leadership not bought & sold to the highest bidder would be demanding national solidarity mobilizations to take back the streets of Ferguson & demand justice for Michael Brown.

While the state trooper is putting on the dog & pony show for media, the Missouri governor is deploying the National Guard, laying out a curfew as if the Black community was a lawless band of hooligans & looters. What happened to the Bill of Rights & the right to assemble & the right to protest? All the news now is about looters & molotov cocktails. Maybe a couple stores did get hit. So what? The only purpose for media focus on looting is to justify the continuing excessive use of force against thousands of unarmed, peaceful protesters who have had it up to their eyeballs with police brutality.

They’re using tear gas canisters & souped up humvees against unarmed protesters, assaulting & arresting people who by all reports remain peaceful but defiant of the curfew & determined to stand their ground against police violence. We cannot take our attention off Ferguson & we cannot stand silent any longer. Palestinians in Gaza, still recovering from genocide, have rendered solidarity to the Black community in Ferguson. The similarities between their struggles are not at all incidental.

“An injury to one is an injury to all”: that is our international clarion call to stand actively with the Black community in defense of their children against police violence.

This young man is in a demonstration to demand the end of police violence & the right for Blacks to assemble; he is wearing the mask against the police use of excessive tear gas.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Hasbara burlesque

Our two jihadists August 17 2014

Clearly the US is crescendoing with the Islamophobia thing. You can see it in US foreign policy but also in things like Hillary Clinton’s distinct move to the right in a play for the presidency, sucking up to Zionism in even more unseemly ways than when she was US Secretary of State. But do they have to go bananas? You’d think by now they’d have worn that al-Qaeda thing to death since nobody believes it anymore–other than those who believe space aliens built the pyramids & the ones who read supermarket tabloids for news.

Anyone who lived through the Cold War of the 1950s & the McCarthy witchhunt in the US grew up on this kind of stuff: commies put fluoride in the water to corrupt the morals of youth; they were “masters of deceit” who believed in “free love” & infiltrated Hollywood, government, universitites, even the weather bureau. “Pinkos” were everywhere. The TV series “I led Three Lives” (de rigueur family viewing in the 1950s) had children trembling for fear of encountering a communist who would monkey with their morals & turn them into body snatchers or the “living dead”. So when they try to bring all that crap back under the guise of “jihadists”–the modern rendition of body snatchers–pardon us if we have a good laugh before we excoriate it.

The Gatestone Institute is described as a think tank but when you see who it publishes (Alan Dershowitz) & who runs the joint, you’ll see they give thinking a bad name & make it indistinguishable from stinking. It’s an unseemly lot altogether but then Zionism is sucking on the dregs; beggars can’t be choosers. The leadership includes: John Bolton; he’s the working class guy with the funny mustache who got straight A’s in school so he could worm his way into being on the goon squad for the White House. And in that position he’s served admirably if not also meriting an ignominious place in history. If you look up his curriculum vitae it has “high paid bouncer” written all over it.

Then there’s Amir Taheri, an Iranian guy, whose curricumlum vitae is mostly a list of denunciations by scholars of his forgeries & falsifications of history. There is also Robert J. Woolsey, Jr., who claims in his CV that he was prominently active in the anti-Vietnam War movement though not a single person present through it’s entire history has any recollection of his participation. He later served as head of the CIA so perhaps his presence at antiwar events wasn’t so much prominent as it was undercover. Last, but not least, there is Eely-Oily Weasel who has disgraced himself more than any man should in one lifetime. After his recent public spectacle accusing Palestinian parents of child sacrifice, he really ought to consider a rabbinical monastery somewhere–not for penance & reflection (that’s beyond him) but to hide out for a while.

The owner of the stink tank is Nina Rosenwald, who calls herself “an ardent Zionist” & whose family has deep roots in American Zionism; her father was a founding member of the United Jewish Appeal in 1939 which eventually amalgamated with several other groups in 1999 to become United Jewish Communities, an unabashedly Zionist alliance.

So under the leadership of these bozos the Gatestone Institute just published an alarmist article titled “Islamic State: “We Will Take Spain Back” by Soeren Kern, a right-wing “analyst” living in Spain. Senor Kern has an entire body of works on such subjects as the kebab shops in Spain financing global jihad, Muslims demanding the “right of return” to Spain, & the underage Muslim marriage wars. Get the picture? His theoretical pièce de résistance is “Minarets Are Our Bayonets”: The Swiss Vote To Ban Them” about right-wingers in Switzerland trying to outlaw minarets because Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan once implied the construction of mosques & minarets is part of a strategy for the Islamization of Europe. According to Erdogan: “The minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks & the faithful our army.” Hasn’t the Pope said worse? We stand in awe. How can you excoriate what is completely indistinguishable from burlesque?

What our man Kern is so exercised about is that a couple pranksters posted a 20-second video of a guy in a phony beard & mustache wearing an Arab keffiyeh. Speaking Spanish “with a heavy North African accent” the guy said: “I say to the entire world as a warning: We are living under the Islamic flag, the Islamic caliphate. We will die for it until we liberate those occupied lands, from Jakarta to Andalusia. And I declare: Spain is the land of our forefathers & we are going to take it back with the power of Allah.” There’s a second jihadist sitting in the wings laughing his butt off.

Kern opens the article claiming “Calls to reconquer al-Andalus are becoming more frequent & more strident.” He quotes Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz that “”Clearly Spain forms part of the strategic objectives of global jihad.” They neglect to mention the calls are not coming from jihadists in North Africa but from Spanish activists who want delivery from the EU & IMF austerity programs.

What is not at all amusing about this rubbish is that Spanish authorities claim these jihadists are coming in through Melilla, the Spanish territory in North Africa adjacent to Morocco where thousands of African immigrants attempt to enter Europe. In the past ten years they’ve arrested nearly 500 “suspected Islamic extremists” (whatever the hell that means) so they easily dovetail Islamophobic repression with attacks on immigrants.

Like we say, Zionism is scraping the bottom of the barrel & the dregs of 19th century racism & colonialism. If the best you can do is Weasel & Kern & the rest of this rogue’s gallery, bend over & kiss your ass goodbye.

(Image is screen shot of two “jihadists)

Gazan diaspora

Humans of NY; Palestinian boy August 17 2014

From “Humans of New York” album”:

“He lived with his mother in Gaza when he was very young. One night, I talked to him on the phone before bedtime, and he told me he was wearing three pairs of pants to bed. I said: ‘Three pairs of pants? Why aren’t you in your pajamas?’ He told me: ‘Because I want my body to hold together if a bomb falls on me.’”

This boy, no older than 9 or 10-years-old now, indicted Israel for several war & human rights crimes in a few simple words without need for UN or Human Rights Watch investigations & without the legalese & sophistry that lets Israel go scot-free after every phase of Operation Ethnic Cleansing.

(Petra, Jordan)