Outsmarted by a Schnauzer

Was supposed to go to the dentist in Mexico today with a friend but Sophie-Amalia, the Schnauzer dog who continues to outsmart me, got past my barricades again & chasing her meant I was too late for the appointment.

This is the 8th time just this week I’ve had to drive the neighborhood looking for her even though I’ve repeatedly gone over every inch of the fence to fortify & refortify it. The worst part is that she takes my little tripod dog with her & sometimes the other little ones. My little tripod lost his leg from following her in one of her escapes.

Two days ago, I found them a few blocks away in a gated yard I couldn’t enter. They were chasing chickens while the family dog defended the chickens. It was an ordeal to retrieve her.
Since I’ve had her she’s killed two of my birds, caused one dog to lose his leg, & taken ten years off my life. Rescue operations are overfilled & can’t take her & I’m unwilling to dump her in the pound. I have to relinquish her fast but have no idea where though I’m begging rescuers to find a place for her on the adoption caravan to Denver.

She’s a wonderful dog without a mean bone in her body except when I keep her indoors for safety. Then she harasses & barks continuously at the little dogs.

Color me frantic. I’m outsmarted by a Schnauzer.