On the scourge of child labor

Child workers (from Shivam Kumar FB wall) Oct 30 2017

Came across this shattering image of child workers on Shivam Kumar’s Facebook wall. There are no reliable estimates of the number of children workers in the world but they range from 215 million to 500 million who are engaged in the most dangerous work, including mining. This image is not to just indict other countries since child labor is legal in the US for farm workers–mostly Latino children. The Obama regime made it illegal to mandate protection laws for little kids who work the fields, work around chemicals & pesticides & around livestock, or use dangerous tools. The US also does not prohibit American companies from outsourcing to sweatshops in other countries that use child labor.

This is an article about child labor which I wrote in January 2012 which needs updating but shows the scope of the problem which I consider a social scourge that must be ended.