On the Russia-hacking debacle by Umar Lateef Misgar

From Kashmiri Umar Lateef Misgar:

This redacted Russia-hacking report released jointly by the FBI, the NSA and the CIA is more whining than substance. The report, broadly, focuses on how Russian state-funded organizations engaged in propaganda, that could have had some impact on US public opinion. Also, the US intelligence agencies seem to be upset about Putin and his cronies making hyperbolic statements and engaging in political rhetoric vis-à-vis US presidential nominees, which is what every political office-holder across the world basically does.

The only worthy revelation this otherwise disgraceful, borderline comic report makes is that Russian military intelligence might have employed a hacker that goes by the name of Guccifer 2.0 to hack the Democrats & leak the “Podesta emails” that ended up harming the electability of Clinton. Considering the fact that a week before November elections, the FBI itself came out with this statement condemning Hillary for her handling of classified data during the stint as Secretary of State, Guccifer is a mere wheeze.

Also, the thing that really interests me is that if Russia sought to influence US public opinion in favor of Trump, didn’t the plan end in a spectacular failure, considering the fact that Clinton received a lead of almost 3 million in popular vote? Unless US public opinion, explicitly, means electoral college and swing states, isn’t this report, just a tiny bit, too light-headed to bring US and Russia head-to-head? Keeping in mind John McCain recently called this “an act of war”, doesn’t American public and the whole world deserve more concrete evidence before we all are plunged into a nuclear holocaust?