On the persecution of Muslims

Pretty scary when you consider all the Muslims facing war, occupation, repression, counterrevolution, & genocide these days. Even scarier when the progressive forces that would normally rally to their defense are mouthing the Islamophobic mantras of the so-called war on terror. When people start talking the Sunni-Shi’a-Wahhabi conflict stuff, as if it were a theological dispute, you know they’re talking through their nether regions. Most of us from the Christian tradition don’t know the theological differences between Catholics & protestants, let alone between Baptists & fundamentalists or Methodists & Presbyterians, & certainly don’t know anything about Islam. If there are conflicts between religious denominations of Islam, they are likely much more related to class & political distinctions which have been aggravated by US-European interference in Middle East politics. But this goes back a long way, long before ISIS or Al Qaeda made the scene. When I was in the convent in the early 1960s, a missionary priest told us one could tell the difference in Christian & Muslim kids–to the disadvantage of Muslim kids–just walking from one neighborhood to the next in Jerusalem. Yeah right. Those of us who stand against persecution of anyone for whatever reason reject this rubbish & have to be steadfast in opposing it. There are 2.18 Muslims in the world, about 25% of the world population, so we sure as hell don’t stand alone when we stand for justice.