On the deceitful language of military occupation in Palestine

This is an article from May 2014 (a couple months before Israel’s murderous seven-week bombing siege over Gaza) by Charlotte Silver about media’s use of the word “clash”–as in “clashes broke out at the Al Aqsa mosque between Israeli police & Palestinians.” This is how media uses language to mask the character of ethnic cleansing, apartheid, colonialism. It is to make it appear not just that the violence is two-sided but to subtly, through linguistic deceit, impugn Palestinians as aggressive, irascible, violent terrorists.

It is not “clashes broke out” but rather Israeli soldiers armed to the teeth attacked unarmed Palestinians in order to protect settlers & expand colonial sovereignty over Palestinian lands & holy sites.
Language matters in the imbalance of power between oppressed & oppressor & in telling the truth about the character of colonialism.